CBSE Schools in India CBSE Schools in India

A Comprehensive Review of Top 10 CBSE Schools in India

Education is very important for every person and plays a key role in maintaining a good life. It builds a path for a person to achieve his goals and ambitions. The enormity of education’s value in life is immense and diverse. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Education before we review the Top 10 CBSE schools in India. 

Following are the key points that define the importance of education in a person’s life:

  • Ideas or Thoughts development: Good education develops analytical as well as thinking skills of a person with a broader outlook. Education also helps a person understand various aspects of life. 
  • Build Confidence: Education increases the knowledge domain of any person that is also related to the confidence level of that person. With quality education, the level of self-reliance enhances in the person. It even contributes greatly towards the self confidence of a person. 
  • Career Development: This is one of the obvious factors of Education. Good education is much required by a person to excel in any field today. As the competition in each field is increasing day by day, it becomes therefore quite important for every individual to attain skills and knowledge which eventually derives from good education. 
  • Protection against threats: It might be possible that the importance of Education is not much evident but it also helps an individual to protect himself against any possible threat. For instance, education teaches an individual about safety measures while handling sharp objects or using harmful chemicals. 
  • Upliftment of Society: Education is considered as light and power for any community. Good education helps people to abandon regressive practices and approach and even induces them to change and reform their mentality and practices. 

List of Top 5 CBSE schools in India

  • Delhi Public School, New Delhi

Delhi Public School was established in the year 1972, which is a co-educational as well as boarding school for both girls and boys. A private institution called Delhi Public School manages and runs this school. 

  • St. John’s High School, Chandigarh

St. John’s High school was established in the year 1959 and is only for boys. This school is well known for the extra curricular activities and sport events which they conduct. 

  • The Mothers International School, New Delhi

This school was founded in the year 1959 and is among the top CBSE schools near me. It is managed by the Sri Aurobindo Education Society. With an excellent record in both academics and extracurricular activities, this school has managed to maintain its rank among the best CBSE schools in India. 

  • National Public School, Bangalore

Founded in the year 1959, the National Public School has been one of the best Cbse Schools in India for more than 60 years now. This school is highly acknowledged for its academic excellence, ethics as well as discipline. 

  • Oxford English School, Bangalore

Run by Oxford English Society, this school stands as the market leader among top CBSE schools near me. It is one of the most preferred schools by local as well as parents from outside the city. 

In a nutshell, the integration of excellence and quality education in these top CBSE schools in India displays commitment in the process of shaping young and talented minds and not only prepares them for academic excellence but for the challenges which this world holds for them. 


What would be the schedule for admission in case of admission to a student from another Board?

Ans. Admission can be made at any time.