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Abir Dossi: Parent of YouTuber and Gymnast Sophia Dossi- Personal Info, Relationship, Career And Net Worth


A woman of Arab ethnicity, Abir Dossi is a passionate homemaker with roots in Lebanon. She is originally from Lebanon. Her life in the United States began when she attended California State University, Long Beach, to pursue higher education. It was there that she met the man who would one day become her husband; his name is Mike Dossi. They have worked together to bring up a warm and happy family, which currently consists of two members: Sophia and Zak.

Abir’s life has been entirely centered on her family, and she has unwavering faith that her children’s full potential may be realized via the power of education. Abir has a flair for art, and she enjoys painting and drawing, in addition to her commitment to caring for her family and running a successful home business. However, the most important job she has ever played is that of a mother, mainly because she has been there to assist her daughter, Sophia, on her extraordinary journey.

Relationship or Marriage

During their time as students at California State University, Long Beach, Abir and her future husband, Mike Dossi, began their journey toward falling in love with one another. This marriage has endured the test of time and has produced a lovely family of two offspring: Sophia and Zak. Those familiar with Abir have found that her marriage not only shows the durability of familial ties but also acts as a source of motivation for them.


Even though Abir’s primary occupation is that of a homemaker, her influence on her family’s life extends far beyond the bounds of a conventional place of employment. She recognized early on the significance of laying a strong educational groundwork for Sophia, and as a result, she began the important duty of educating Sophia at an early age. Abir has maintained a firm dedication to education throughout her life, and she has always inspired and motivated her children to achieve academic success.

In addition, Abir has been a significant contributor to Sophia’s professional success. To show her support for her daughter’s aspirations, she has volunteered her artistic skills to help design props for Sophia’s projects and has even acted as a roadie. Abir’s commitment as a mother and her unwavering faith in her daughter’s ambitions shine through in her support for Sophia’s achievement, which is a testament to Abir. She is a rock of steadfast support for Sophia, always rooting for her to succeed and having faith in her potential.

Her Net Worth

It is only possible to determine how much Abir Dossi is worth by looking at his finances. The lives of her family have been enormously improved due to her work as a mother, an educator, and a supporter, even though she did not opt for a more conventional line of work. The importance that Abir places on her children’s education and the willingness with which she supports Sophia in her professional ambitions has proven to be priceless. Sophia would not have gotten as far as she has without her mother’s unconditional love, encouragement, and steadfast faith in her daughter’s ability to achieve her goals.