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Alexander Tyler Smith Star Baby, High Profile Life, & More

Alexander Tyler Smith was the youngest son of Susan Leigh Smith and David Micheal Smith. Alexander lived a tragic life for a baby until his demise. Read further to learn more about Alexander and his life.

Mini Bio

Alexander Tyler Amith came into the world on August 5th, 1993, in the United States. He took birth into an American family. His father was David Micheal Smith, and his mother was Susan Leigh Smith. He had an older brother, whose name was Micheal Daniel Smith. Micheal came into the world two years earlier than Alexander, on October 10th, 1991.


Alexander Tyler Smith experienced homeschooling.

Why Is He Famous?

Alexander came to the media’s attention when the news of Susan’s accusation of her children’s kidnapping spread like wildfire.

According to sources, Susan claimed that a black man carjacked her and her children when she took them out on an evening ride.

Alexander appeared on the news, his pictures were flashing everywhere in hopes of finding him and his brother.

Net Worth

Alexander’s net worth is unknown. However, his father’s net worth is around $420k. This includes his income streams and assets.

Alexander’s Parents

Susan Leigh Smith

Susan Leigh Smith came into the world on September 26th, 1971, in South Carolina, United States. Susan comes from an unstable background, her father passed away due to suicide when she was only six years old.

When her mother remarried Beverly Russell, she was constantly sexually abused. Susan tried to end her life when she was thirteen years old but failed.

She tried for the second time when she was nineteen, after graduating from high school. However, this time she failed again. Later, she married her boyfriend, David Smith, and had a rocky married life.

Failed Marriage

According to sources, David and Susan were charged with the act of adultery. Even after having two sons together, their marriage was never stable. They regularly argued and blamed each other for the condition of their family. Unstable tension filled their family due to the acts of the couple.


Alexander Tyler Smith was only fourteen months old when left the world, alongside his brother Micheal Daniel Smith who was only three years old in 1994.  They died due to suffocation from drowning at a local lake.

At first, the police believed Alexander’s mother, Susan’s accusations. However, as time passed and the investigation progressed the scenario changed.

Later, police discovered Susan Leigh Smith brutally murdered her children, Alexander and his brother. All of her accusations were false and she was found guilty with the pieces of evidence. Alexander’s father, David experienced trauma by the discovery but legally fought against his wife. Thereafter, he divorced her in the same year.

Susan received punishment from the judiciary with Life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 30 years at Leath Correctional Institution in the United States.


Alexander Tyler Smith was just a baby when his life took a different turn. He was murdered, along with his brother Micheal in 1994. They faced demise because of their mother. Susan is suffering from life imprisonment in the United States.