All About Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, Ed Gein’s Mother All About Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, Ed Gein’s Mother

All About Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, Ed Gein’s Mother

Augusta Wilhelmine Gein is a famous woman known for her son’s deeds. Augusta raised her sons in isolation, and it is through how she raised Ed Gein that he was encouraged to become a serial killer in the hopes of raising his mother from the dead.

Augusta was married to George Gein, and his inability to care for his family partially affected his wife, making her resent men. Augusta’s husband never cared much for the family, which made her care for her sons in a way that would prevent them from ending up like their father.

Who is Augusta Wilhelmine Gein?

Augusta was born in 1878 in a family of eight children. She came from a German immigrant from Prussia who settled in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and they were so preserved with their religious beliefs.

According to Augusta’s beliefs, all humans were sinful in thoughts and actions. When Augusta was 22, she met a man named George Philip Gein, also a German immigrant, and they were married.

After two years of marriage, Augusta and George welcomed a son named Henry George Gein. Augusta’s husband did odd jobs as a carpenter and tanner, but he struggled with alcoholism, which affected his ability to deliver at work. As a result, he could not keep one job for long.

On the other hand, Augusta was running a grocery store, and she did all she could to keep her family in order. Augusta started to resent her husband, but she would not divorce him because of her religious beliefs. Thus, her resentment grew daily, and soon she started hating her husband.

Augusta started hating men, and as a result, she wished to have a daughter. But instead, she got a son in 1906 and named him Edward Theodore Gein. Because Augusta never wanted her sons to grow up to be like the man she hated, she raised her boys with a  lot of protectiveness.

How Augusta Wilhelmine Turnes Ed Gein to a Serial Killer

Augusta grew sick of La Crosse and demanded that the family isolate itself to a farmhouse in 1915. They moved to Gein House, where she raised Ed and Enry, commanding them not to interact much with the other children.

Ed struggled to interact with other children, and his shy nature and tongue lesions made other children shun him. Augusta encouraged his sons to disdain women, explaining that women were evil. Moreover, she encouraged them to stay virgins, fearing that they would fall deep into sins after losing their virginity.

Although Ed was so devoted to his mother, Henry, on the other hand, wanted to move in with a divorced woman who had two children. Ed’s mother suffered a stroke, and she died at 67 years old. As a result of his mother’s death, he was so depressed that he started looking for ways of resurrecting her. Moreover, she looked for women who resembled his mother, killed them, and tried to make a suit that would become his mother.

Ed got arrested for the murders, and he spent many years in mental hospitals until he died in 1984.