All Details Regarding Elijah Makai Solomon All Details Regarding Elijah Makai Solomon

All Details Regarding Elijah Makai Solomon

Elijah Makai Solomon is the eldest child of Nadya Suleman, the lady who made headlines after giving birth to Octuplets. Elijah is the eldest child and has also appeared in the news a few times, making him a public figure somehow.

While Elijah’s mother was in rehab getting help, Elijah made headlines when he turned to the courts to help him get a restraining order against a nanny who was obsessed with him. The nanny had leaked false information about Elijah, but the courts helped the young man against the nanny.

Who is Elijah Makai Solomon

Elijah Makai has been in the limelight for her mother’s record as the second woman in the world to have octuplets. Elijah is among the six children that her mother gave birth to through IVF, and he is a proud brother who has helped take care of his siblings.

Elijah’s Bio

Elijah was born in May 2001 to Nadya Suleman. Elijah’s family was put in the limelight in 2009 when his mother gave birth to Octuplets, becoming the second woman in the world to do so. Nadya had undergone IVF, and the surgeon who performed the process disclosed the sperm was from a donor; hence, Elijah does not have a father.

Elijah is a proud brother to thirteen siblings, some octuplets born in 2009 and are now grown teenagers. Elijah’s sister, Ameerah Yasmeen Solomon, is the second born and has completed her high school education.

Joshua is the third born, and Elijah’s mother describes him as intelligent, respectful, and hardworking. Joshua stands out as the only vegan in a family of fourteen siblings.

Aidan Solomon is the other sibling of Elijah, and he was diagnosed with severe autism. The Octomom loves Aidan like all her other children and prays that he gets a favorable environment like all her other children.

Calyssa Arielle is the fifth child of the family and a talented artist. She has a fraternal twin, Caleb, who loves to keep his life private from the limelight. Besides the mentioned siblings, Elijah has other siblings: Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai.

Why is Elijah Makai Solomon Famous?

Some time back, some information was leaked on the media that Elijah was molesting his younger sisters and watching porn. Elijah’s nanny, Gina, who cared for Elijah’s siblings, released the news.

As it turns out, the information was false, and Elijah turned to court to help him get a restraining order against the nanny. Elijah was only 11 years old when his mother went to rehab, and it was at this time that he filed a case against the nanny who was harassing him.

The legal system helped Elijah, and the nanny was prohibited from getting near him, as the young man feared the nanny was obsessed with him. Elijah is now a grown-up young man pursuing his career, although it is unclear which career he is pursuing.