Amabelle Jane: A young celebrity teenager with a queen-like life Amabelle Jane: A young celebrity teenager with a queen-like life

Amabelle Jane: A young celebrity teenager with a queen-like life

Getting the attention of the public and the media as a teenager is not possible for ordinary people but if you are a celebrity kid, you are bound to get that. This is what is happening with Amabelle Jane too. She is a celebrity daughter and this is the reason she is a famous figure despite maintaining a private life. She is best recognized because of her musician and former arms dealer father David Packouz.

In this article, we will tell you everything including early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, and other such details about Amabelle Jane.

Personal life

Born in February 2007 in America, Amabelle Jane is a 16-year-old American celebrity girl. The name of her father is David Packouz, while her mother is still a mystery. Even the father of Amabelle Jane has never disclosed her name or anything about her.

If you think you can find something interesting and exciting about the love life of this young beautiful girl, let us burst your bubble and tell you she has not revealed anything about her love life. She might be dating someone but she has kept all these details under cover.

Parents and siblings

Not much information is available about the family background of Amabelle Jane either. All you can get about this is the name of her father and you already know that he is David Packouz. By profession, her father is a musician right now and he used to be an arms dealer in the past. On the other hand, nothing is known about the mother as well as the siblings of Amabelle Jane. We are not even sure whether Amabelle Jane has any siblings.


Amabelle Jane is just 16 years old right now and this is, of course, not the age to have kids.

Education and profession

With the fact that the father of Amabelle Jane has kept the life of his daughter private, you shouldn’t be surprised that nothing is available about the educational background of Amabelle Jane. We can only make an assumption keeping her age in mind that today she must be done with her high school. If you talk about her profession, we don’t think  Amabelle Jane would have started her professional journey yet.

Why Amabelle Jane is popular

The one and only reason for the popularity of Amabelle Jane is her father, David Packouz, who is a popular personality and has achieved success in different professions.

Net worth of Amabelle Jane

With the fact that Amabelle Jane is only 16 years old right now and does not have any profession, we are not at all surprised that she does not have any net worth right now. If you talk about the net worth of her musician father, David Packouz, he is expected to have a giant net worth of around $3 million.


Although the father of Amabelle Jane is a celebrity, Amabelle Jane maintains a private life. It seems like she is not much interested in the glamor world and wants to make her career in a different field.