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Amelia Anka High Profile Life, Popular Parents, & More

Amelia Anka is the daughter of Paul Anka, a well-known American singer. Read further to know more about the high-profile life of this celebrity child and discover what makes her famous.

Personal Life

Amelia Anka was born on 10th December 1968, her parents are Paul Anka and Anne de Zogheb. She has four sisters and one half-brother; Amanda, Anthea, Alexandra, Alicia and Ethan Anka.

Her Father Paul Anka

Paul Anka is a renowned singer, songwriter and actor. He was born in Ottawa, Canada on July 30, 1941, to Camelia Tannis and Andrew Emelie Andy Anka Sr. He is of Syrian and Lebanese line of descent. He studied at Fisher Park High School in Ontario, Canada where he was also part of a music group known as ‘Bobby Soxers’

Paul had married thrice in his life, his spouses were Anne de Zogheb, Anna Aberg and Lisa Pemberton.

Her Parents Paul Anka and Anne de Zogheb

Paul Anka and Anne de Zogheb met in 1962 when Anne was working as a contract fashion model for Eileen Ford Agency in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Amelia’s mother Anne de Zogheb came from a well-reputed family, her father Charles de Zogheb was a Lebanese diplomat. Anne was half English and half Lebanese and had been brought up in Egypt. A year later in 1963, the couple got married at Paris Orly Airport and became parents to five lovely daughters in the years ahead. Paul and Anne’s marriage turned sour years later, the couple separated and divorced in 2001. The pair however became grandparents to Francesa Nora Bateman and Maple Bateman through their daughter Amanda and son-in-law Jason Bateman.

After his marriage with Anne de Zogheb, Paul Anka married twice and got divorced. Anne de Zogheb however, never married again and sadly, passed away on 29th March 2017.

Paul Anka’s Career

Paul Anka is a singer and an actor. His musical career began when he was just 14. He has experimented with different genres such as jazz, swing, pop, rock and roll, doo-wop and soft rock. He is best known for hit songs, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Having My BBay, Lonely Boy and Diana. As an actor, Paul Anka has appeared in several movies such as The Longest Day, Girls Town, Look In Any Window, 300 Miles to Graceland, The Cafes of the Maligned Mobster and Captain Ron.

Facts about Amelia Anka’s Family

  • Amelia’s sister, Amanda Anka is married to a well-known Hollywood actor Jason Bateman, with whom she has two daughters.
  • Amelia’s father Paul Anka is seen making guest appearances in two famous Hollywood television series; ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘That 70’s Show’.
  • Amelia’s father Paul Anka rose to fame because of his song ‘Diana’.
  • Amelia’s mother, Anne is of Greek, French, Dutch, English and Lebanese ancestry.
  • Amelia’s father, Paul Anka, owns one of Las Vegas’ first-ever modern-era night clubs called Jubilation.


Amelia Anka is a celebrity kid who has stepped away from the limelight and has crafted a successful life on her own. Besides being a successful woman, she is a loving and supportive daughter who is seen offering active support and care to her father.