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Who Is Amy Porter Kemp: Find out her Personal Info, Family, Career And Net Worth

Personal Information

Amy Porter Kemp, born into the prominent Kemp family, is the youngest daughter of Brian Porter Kemp, a multifaceted entrepreneur and the current governor of Georgia, and his wife, Marty Argo Kemp. Amy graduated from Athens Academy in 2021, marking a moment of immense pride for her parents and siblings. As she embarks on her journey into adulthood, Amy carries a family legacy deeply rooted in Georgia’s political and business landscapes.


Amy’s family has always been at the heart of her life. Her parents, Brian and Marty Kemp, have been steadfast sources of support and inspiration throughout her academic endeavors. Amy’s older sister, Jerrett Kemp, shares her alma mater, Athens Academy, and maintains a low-key profile, particularly regarding her personal life. The Kemp family values their privacy, often keeping details of their ages and personal matters away from the public eye.

In a heartwarming connection to another Georgia family, Amy’s life was touched by tragedy when her boyfriend, Harrison Deal, tragically died in a motor vehicle accident on December 4, 2020. Harrison was the son of Bulloch County Commissioner Curt Deal and Jenni Deal. In honor of their relationship and to commemorate Harrison’s memory, the Bulloch community granted Amy honorary citizenship of Statesboro, a testament to the bonds forged during challenging times.


While Amy Porter Kemp is still in the early stages of her career, her family’s success and influence have undoubtedly shaped her aspirations. Her father, Brian Porter Kemp, is a remarkable example of entrepreneurship and public service. He began his journey with a pickup truck and founded Kemp Development and Construction Company, which has since evolved into a thriving business empire. Brian Kemp has become one of Georgia’s most successful entrepreneurs with over three decades of dedication and hard work.

Beyond his business ventures, Brian Kemp has been a dedicated public servant. He served in the State Senate before assuming the role of Georgia’s governor. His commitment to the people of Georgia is evident through his initiatives, particularly in regulatory reform and support for small businesses. Under his leadership, Georgia aims to become a premier destination for small businesses, fostering growth and prosperity across the state.

Net Worth

While details of Amy Porter Kemp’s net worth are not publicly available, her family’s financial success and investments in various business sectors undoubtedly contribute to their wealth. Brian Porter Kemp’s business acumen has allowed him to amass significant assets over the years, thanks to his construction, farming, real estate, and public service ventures. His dedication to improving Georgia’s economy and opportunities for all its citizens speaks volumes about his commitment to the state.

In conclusion, Amy Porter Kemp is a young woman who carries the legacy of a successful and influential family. Her graduation from college and honorary citizenship in Statesboro are significant milestones in her life. As she navigates her career path, she will undoubtedly draw inspiration from her family’s achievements and continue to be a part of Georgia’s vibrant political and business landscape.