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Meet Arlo Robert Galafassi, Toni Collete’s Only Son

Arlo Robert Galafassi is a celebrity kid to the Australian actress Toni Collette and her ex-husband David Galafassi. Alro Robert is the youngest of the two children of the celebrity couple, and he is a proud brother to a sister, Sage Florence Galafassi.

Arlo Robert was born in April 2011 in Australia and has been a big joy to his parents since his arrival. Arlo’s parents separated after many years of marriage, and they agreed to end their relationship amicably while continuing to respect each other.

Who Is Arlo Robert Galafassi’s Parents?

David and Toni Collette are the parents of Arlo Robert and his elder sister, Sage Florence. Arlo’s parents met in 2002 in a room-com movie where Galafassi’s band Gelbison was launching their album.

Arlo’s parents felt a strong connection due to their love for music, which helped them bond quickly. A year later, the couple tied the knot in 2003 and started their journey together as husband and wife.

Despite being celebrities, Arlo’s parents love a quiet lifestyle and chose to hold their wedding away from the limelight. The wedding occurred in a rural property near Berry, and monks assisted the union. Tono Collete was thirty years old at the time of the marriage.

Since the wedding, the couple enjoyed a quiet lifestyle while working towards growing their family.

Arlo Robert Galafassi’s Mother’s Career

Toni Collette, Arlo’s mother, is a celebrity actress from Australia. Arlo’s mother started her acting career in the early 1990s, and she has since grown into a famous actress taking part in well-known Netflix projects.

One of the famous projects the actress took part in is Sixth Sense, a legendary thriller. The actress was asked about her children watching the thriller, and her response surprised many people. According to Toni, her children are still too young to watch the thriller, but she is considering allowing them once they are old enough.

Toni Collette is famous for acting in horror or thriller films, and she claims not all movies her children can watch at the time.

Why Did Toni Collette and David Galafassi Divorce?

Arlo’s parents announced their divorce many years after a beautiful union. According to trusted sources, David kissed some lady passionately on an Australian beach, possibly leading to the divorce. However, it is unclear whether or not David was kissing his alleged lover after their separation.

In a statement that Toni released on her Instagram, the actress said they were ending their relationship with grace and gratitude. The couple decided to divorce, and they chose to continue respecting and caring for each other despite the divorce. Toni indicated their family was important and that they would continue growing together.

Arlo Robert Galafassi’s Career

Arlo is still young and has yet to venture into a given career. It is believed that Arlo and his sister are studying, but it is unclear if he will follow his mum’s or dad’s footsteps.