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Meet Ben Ohai, Kealia Ohai’s Father

Ben Ohai is widely known as the father of Kealia Ohai. His daughter is a decorated American soccer player doing an excellent job in the field. She has earned popularity, and people are curious about who her parents are, especially in knowing more about her father. This post will discuss who Kealia Ohio’s father is while sharing insights into Kealia Ohio’s life.

Who is Ben Ohai?

Ben Ohai is the celebrity father of Kealia Ohai. He was born in Hawaii but moved to California when he was ten. Details regarding his birth date and childhood are unavailable. However, talking about his education, Ben Ohai studied at Cerritos College, BYU. He then joined The University of Utah.

Ben Ohai met his future wife, Cindy Ohai, at BYU. He started dating her, and they later married and started a family. Although his career didn’t put him into the spotlight as you would expect, Ben Ohai is a national wrestling champion. The champion is based in Hawaii.

Ben Ohai’s Support for His Family

According to what Kealia Ohai has shared, her parents have been her first source of motivation. They support her in her sports and other activities that she engages in. Kealia is one of the children of Ben Ohai and his wife, Candy Ohai. The couple has other daughters: Megan, Aubrey, and Cambria Ohai.

Ben Ohai enjoys spending his time with his family. He loves going to new places and ensuring his family feels comfortable and has their needs met. In an Instagram post, Kealia shared that she acknowledges her father for believing in her passion and dream. Her caption stated that Ben Ohai has always supported her daughter.

Ben is available on social media and actively engages in it. On his Facebook account, his cover picture is of him and his daughter, Kealia. He is also on Instagram but has set his account private. His user handle is @benjamin8675309.

Who are Ben Ohai’s Children?

Ben Ohai has four daughters. Megan Ohai is the eldest of the sisters. She is a former soccer player who made her name at USC. Besides, she won the NCAA championship in 2007 and is a graduate of the University of California. Megan was born on July 22, 1989, in Draper, Utah. She is married to Brian Cushing, and they have three sons.

Cambria Ohai is the second-born daughter in the family. She joined Utah Valley University and pursued a career in marketing. Cambria has not widely shared her details, but she is known as a detail-oriented and hardworking character.

Kealia Ohai is the third born. She was born on January 31, 1992. She is a popular American soccer player and mainly plays for Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Soccer League. She was born in Draper, Utah. She has played for the under 17 national team of the United States. Aubrey Ohai is the youngest in the family. She joined New York University and graduated in 2022.