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Bree Purganan Life Events, Lesser Known Facts, Bio, & More

Bree Purganan is a homemaker and a celebrity mother of the NBA basketball player Jalen Green. She often appears to support her beloved son during his NBA matches.

Mini Bio

Bree Purganan gave no information about her date of birth. However, she took birth in a well settled family in Ilocos sur, Philippines. She is half Filipino and half American by ethnicity. Bree married an unknown man and separated soon before meeting Jalen’s father.  She has a son and a daughter with her second husband, Marcus Green. She resides in California, United States with her loving family.


Bree Purganan completed her education from a local University and later started her career as Nurse. Later she also became a homemaker.

Net Worth

According to sources Bree Purganan’s total estimated net worth is around $1 million. Which includes her all income streams, parents’ fortune and land assets. Her son, Jaleon’s net worth is around $2 Million which includes his earning as an NBA basketball player. Bree’s husband, Marcus Green has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Which includes his earning from NBA and other sources.

Reason To Be Famous?

Bree Purganan is mainly famous because of her son, who is a well renowned NBA player. She is also known due to her second husband, Marcus Green who also plays in the NBA.

Famous Family

Bree Purganan’s son Jalen Green is a famous NBA player. He started his career in his childhood while training to become a basketball player. Bree gave birth to him on February 9, 2002 in the United States. Due to Jalen’s exceptional basketball talent, he gained immense popularity among sports lovers. He also became a brand ambassador for various brands due to his huge fanbase.

Public Appearances

Bree always appears on NBA games whenever her son or husband are having a match. She supports them throughout their matches, especially for her son. She always appears cheering for her son Jalen Green. She made appearances in various media outlets and news channels, supporting and posing with her family.

Secretive Life

Bree Purganan maintains a life away from her son’s fame. Despite showing up as her son’s lovely cheerleader, Bree does not prefer to appear anywhere with the limelight. She appears at NBA games, only to support and cheer for her son. Aside from that, she keeps a secretive life.

Social Media Presence

Bree Purganan does not own an account on any social media platform. Due to keeping a private life Bree doesn’t appear on the social media of her son. However her son owns an account on the social media platform named Instagram. He has 2M followers on his social media page which keeps growing due to his fame, Jalen mostly posts about his professional life, keeping his family private. Occasionally, he posts about his sister.

Lesser Known facts

  • Bree Purganan is the mother of American athlete Jalen Green.
  • Bree is half Filipino due to her grandfather being a Filipino man.
  • Bree used to own a facebook account but later deactivated it.


Bree Purganan is the famous homemaker and celebrity mother of NBA player Jalen Green. She is maintaining a career as a nurse and she is also a homemaker.