Brian McKnight Net Worth Brian McKnight Net Worth

Brian McKnight Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Brian McKnight?

Brian McKnight is an American singer who has enjoyed a great deal of professional success in his life which eventually helped him to have a net worth in millions. If you are excited to learn more about the earnings and net worth of Brian McKnight, you are in the right place because we are going to talk about it in detail.

Here, we will talk everything in detail about the net worth of Brian McKnight like his earnings, main earning stream, additional sources of income, personal assets, endorsements, expenditure on charity and other such details. Moreover, we will also talk about the personal life details of Brian McKnight.

Net worth of Brian McKnight

Considering the successful professional career of Brian McKnight, we are not at all surprised to find out that Brian McKnight is the proud owner of around 10 million right now. After all, he has a thriving music career and has been active in the industry for nearly 35 years. At the moment, he is 54 years old but is quite active professionally. Given this fact, we are pretty sure his net worth is not going to go down in the near future.

Main source of earning

Brian McKnight is primarily a musician and this is his main source of earning. Brian McKnight has been active in the industry for quite a long time. It took him a little time to get success and start earning decent money, but today he holds such a net worth.

Additional income streams

Brian McKnight is not only a musician but also an actor, record producer, and radio host. His active presence in multiple professions is a major reason for his jaw-dropping net worth. Though he mainly makes money through his music career, these professions also contribute significantly to his net worth.

Asset fortune and endorsement

It won’t be wrong to assume that Brian McKnight must have a lot of personal property and assets considering his net worth. However, he never revealed any such information. According to some reports, he put his house for sale for $1.725 million in 2019 which he bought in 1999. If you talk about his endorsements, Brian McKnight has sponsored many big brands like Pepsi and Honda in his life.

Brian McKnight’s expenditure on charity 

Nothing much information is available about the charity works of Brian McKnight. If Brian McKnight would be active in philanthropic works he must be keeping the details secret.

Personal life of Brian McKnight

Born in 1969 to Claude McKnight Jr. and Ruth Elaine Willis, Brian McKnight is 54 years old right now. Today, he is a married man. His first marriage with Julie McKnight lasted from 1990-2003. After that, he got married to Leilani Malia Mendoza in 2017 and the couple is together today.


Brian McKnight is a multi-talented man, who excelled in different fields and achieved great success as well. This is the reason he could earn such a giant net worth without having any background in the industry.