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Briana Isaacs – Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Family

Briana Latrise Isaacs is an American actress and entrepreneur. She is widely known for being a California-based actress who also works as a photographer, businesswoman, writer, and philanthropist. Her main fame came when she appeared on the television show Growing Up Hip Hop. In this post, we will talk more about Briana Isaacs to understand her more. Let’s begin!

Briana’s Biography and Childhood

Briana Isaacs is a female born on August 3, 1986. Her birth sign is Leo, and her birth place is New York. Briana is the daughter of Kendu Isaacs and his first wife, Maurine. Her father is a record executive, but information about her biological mother is unknown.

Briana’s popularity also followed her as the stepdaughter of Mary J. Binge, a famous singer. Briana was born when her parents were teenagers, but their relationship had numerous tumbles, and they ended up separating shortly after her birth.

The teenage parents were unskilled in parenting, and they lacked ways to model their daughters through being role models and other parental guidelines. As such, Briana ended up developing unwanted reckless activities at a young age. Her behavior was unwarranted, and her mother ended up kicking her out of the house at age 12. The harsh decision was fueled by the numerous arguments that Briana was having with her mother.

Briana lived in the streets for three years doing drugs and other reckless activities. At age 15, she ended up moving to Miami, where she lived with her grandmother. Even in Miami, her previous drug habits got to her, and she soon started doing drugs again, including cocaine. Her drug habits ended up affecting her negatively, and she got kicked out of school thrice. The third time was when she thought of the damage she had done and started rectifying it.

Briana’s Career and Net Worth

Briana turned her life from rags to riches. She found a career in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade. She worked as a musician and has accumulated a decent net worth. For her profession, she has worked as an American actor, entrepreneur, and singer.

Briana’s popularity met her when she appeared in the “Growing Up Hip Hop” reality show in 2017. Currently, Briana works as a photographer and blogger. She has founded the “Tuesdays at Heart” and has also worked as a strategic consultant for different productions.

Who is Briana’s Father?

Briana’s father is Kendu Isaacs. He was born on August 13, 1968, and his birth sign is Leo. He was born in the United States, and his career started when he was the manager of singer Mary J. Blige. He also worked as the executive producer of “Betty and Coretta.”

Kendu Isaacs has been in two marriages. He first married Briana’s mother when they were teenagers after welcoming their daughter. The couple divorced later when Briana was still a child. Kendu later found love and married singer Mary J. Blige, whom he was managing. He married her from 2003 to 2018.