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Britt Coelho: Networth and Wife to Eric Elizondo

Delve into the fascinating life of Britt Coelho, an American businesswoman and real estate agent, recognized as the wife of renowned Mexican dancer and music video director, Rene Elizondo Jr. Born in 1982, Coelho’s journey unfolds from a childhood shaped by family bonds in California to a thriving career in luxury real estate. Her story encompasses resilience in the face of parental divorce, the tragic loss of her mother, and the joyous milestones of marriage and motherhood. As we explore her early life, career, net worth, family dynamics, and relationships, a multifaceted portrait of a determined and accomplished individual emerges.

Early Life

Born in 1982, Britt Coelho’s childhood in California was marked by spirited twin brothers and a close bond with her father. Despite her parents’ divorce at age four, she maintained a strong connection with her father and stepmother Alicon Bates. Tragically, her mother passed away when Britt was just a child of 4-5. Growing up in Las Vegas, her formative years shaped the resilient and family-oriented individual she is today.


Embarking on a successful career, Britt Coelho transitioned from Brooks Films to a role as a Project Manager. Her journey continued with a stint as a Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and an impactful three-year tenure with Compass. Currently, she serves as a Luxury Real Estate Agent for Beverly & Company, showcasing her prowess in the high-end property market. A multifaceted businesswoman, Britt’s trajectory reveals a commitment to excellence in the real estate realm, coupled with astute project management skills, showcasing a dynamic and evolving professional journey.

Net Worth

With a net worth estimated at $500,000, Britt Coelho’s financial success is attributed to her flourishing career as a real estate agent. Specializing in luxury properties, she has navigated the competitive industry, securing her position as a prominent figure. While her financial details remain private, her accomplishments reflect her proficiency in the real estate landscape. This net worth, a testament to her dedication and acumen, solidifies Britt’s standing in both her professional and financial spheres.


Britt Coelho’s early life was shaped by familial bonds. Raised in California, her parents’ divorce at age four marked a pivotal moment. Despite the separation, she maintained a close relationship with her father and embraced her stepmother Alicon Bates. Tragically, her mother’s passing at 48 cast a shadow on her childhood. Bonded with spirited twin brothers Cache J Coelho and Colt Coelho, her family experiences contributed to the resilient and family-focused individual she is today.


In January 2004, Britt Coelho’s life took a turn when she met Rene Elizondo in Las Vegas, and their connection deepened. Married since August 10, 2010, the couple shares a daughter named Elin, born on October 9, 2011. With a significant 19-year age difference, they’ve celebrated over 11 years of marriage, proving that love transcends conventional boundaries. Britt’s commitment to family shines through, reflecting a harmonious and enduring relationship with her husband and daughter.


In tracing Britt Coelho’s life, a narrative of triumph, love, and professional success unfolds. From her formative years marked by familial bonds and personal losses to a flourishing career in the competitive real estate industry, Coelho exemplifies resilience and tenacity. Her marriage to Rene Elizondo Jr., celebrating over a decade, highlights enduring love that transcends age disparities. As a mother to Elin, born in 2011, Coelho’s commitment to family radiates through her life. This exploration into her early life, career, net worth, family dynamics, and relationships reveals a woman navigating life’s complexities with grace and strength.