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Buddy Strait Biography and life history

Buddy Strait was the brother of American singer and songwriter George Strait. He came into the limelight because of his brother, but Buddy had also made progress in the acting industry and was known for it. Buddy was born on May 27, 1950, in Poteet, Texas, to Doris Jean Couser and John Byron Strait. He was not the only child in the family; he had two siblings, a sister named Pency and his younger brother George.

Early Life and Education

Buddy Strait was born into a middle-income earning family, and thus, his early life was great. His parents went their way to ensure Buddy and his siblings had everything they needed. Buddy grew up in Pearsall, Frio County, where his father worked as a mathematics teacher in a nearby high school. Buddy’s father also owned a ranch, and he could help him care for the cattle. So basically, their life was excellent, and as the firstborn in a family of three children, he always showed love to his younger siblings.

Buddy could go to school on the weekdays, and on the weekends, he would spend his time in the cattle ranch helping his father. In his early childhood, Buddy’s parents were on good terms, but when he was in 6th grade, his parents separated and later divorced. Usually, this could affect any kid, but Buddy’s parents were always there for him. Upon his parents’ separation, Buddy and his younger brother George moved in with their father while his sister Pency went with his mother.

Moving on to his education, Buddy Strait began his education in a local elementary school before proceeding to Pearsall High School. Buddy was an attentive student, and the morals his parents imparted to him played a role in his high school years. After graduating from high school, it is unclear if Buddy Strait proceeded with his college education.

Personal Life

Buddy Strait was a married man; he had tied the knot with a lady named Denise Watkins Strait, with whom he had three children: Kara Silva, John “Trey” Strait III, and Walker Strait. It is unclear how he met Denise, but they were together until his demise in 2009. Buddy was a loving father and husband; it is just that he was taken prematurely from his loved ones.

Professional Life

Buddy Strait was an actor; online sources have not mentioned when he started his acting career, but it is likely he started it in his twenties and primarily performed in theatres. One of his credited movies is Palo Pinto Gold, which was released in 2008. It is unclear if he did anything besides acting, but he likely managed his own private business.


Buddy Strait’s death was mentioned to be accidental; he died in a hotel room on April 10, 2009, aged 58, and as per the autopsy report, his death was due to heart disease and methadone toxicity. Methadone is a drug that is used to treat addiction related to heroin, and therefore, it raised issues on Buddy’s drug use, with some speculating that he was addicted to some opioids. His body was interred at Big Wells Cemetery in Dimmit County, Texas.