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Caroline Cornelia Thompson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Caroline Cornelia Thompson is a dead personality today but is still famous because her father, P. T. Barnum was an acclaimed American businessman and politician. The celebrity daughter died centuries ago and today we’re here to talk about her life details.

In this article, we’ll discuss all about Caroline Cornelia Thompson including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, and other details of Caroline Cornelia Thompson.

Personal life

Caroline Cornelia Thompson was born on 27 May 1833, in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States as the darling daughter of P. T. Barnum and Charity Hallett. By nationality, she was American, while her religious beliefs are still a matter of secret.

As for the love life of Caroline Cornelia Thompson, she got married to David William Thompson on 19 October 1852. He was a Bridgeport businessman by profession. How long their marriage lasted is not known to the public. After having a long life, Caroline Cornelia Thompson died on 10 May 1911, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States, and left the world.

Parents and siblings

Caroline Cornelia Thompson was one of 4 children of her parents, P. T. Barnum and Charity Hallett, who got married in 1829 and remained together till the death of Caroline Cornelia Thompson’s mother in 1873.  Together, the couple had 4 kids including Caroline Cornelia Thompson. The names of his siblings are Helen Maria, Frances Irena, and Pauline Taylor.

As for their professions, the father of Caroline Cornelia Thompson was a renowned businessman, while her mother kept the details regarding her profession a secret only.


Caroline Cornelia Thompson was married but it is not confirmed whether she could have kids in her life. Since Caroline Cornelia Thompson never talked about her kids, we expect she didn’t have any.

Education and profession

The educational background of Caroline Cornelia Thompson is a mystery to the public because she never openly talked about this topic. However, with the fact that she was the daughter of such a rich father, she must have received a good education. In addition to her education, we hope Caroline Cornelia Thompson would have been professionally well-established.

Reason for the popularity of Caroline Cornelia Thompson

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Caroline Cornelia Thompson is her father, P. T. Barnum, who was a renowned American politician and businessman. The duo of father and daughter shared a great bond.

Net worth of Caroline Cornelia Thompson

We would have been able to find out the net worth of Caroline Cornelia Thompson only if she had revealed any details regarding her profession. Unfortunately, Caroline Cornelia Thompson hasn’t dropped any details. Given this fact, the exact figure of the net worth of Caroline Cornelia Thompson is not known. As for the net worth of her father, P. T. Barnum, he had around 4 million at the time of his death in 1891.


Being the daughter of a rich father, Caroline Cornelia Thompson enjoyed luxury throughout her life. She was blessed with almost everything in her life and enjoyed a happy life.