Cassie Nan Parton, Meet Dolly Parton’s Iconic Sister Cassie Nan Parton, Meet Dolly Parton’s Iconic Sister

Cassie Nan Parton, Meet Dolly Parton’s Iconic Sister

Cassie Nan Parton is a famous singer who rocked the world in the 1990s. Although she is not very active in the music industry now, she made a name for herself and her family by producing loved music globally.

Cassie was born into a family of twelve children, and although she grew up with her siblings in a small home, they lived a happy life. Casie’s siblings have disclosed that singing was like breathing in their home, and her mother encouraged them to sing at home and church. It is no wonder that most of Cassie’s siblings are engaged in the music industry.

Cassie Nan’s Bio

Cassie Nan was born on February 12, 1951 in Savier Country, Tennessee to Avie Lee Owens and Robert Lee Parton. Cassie’s parents’ career is unknown, but her mother greatly encouraged them to become musicians.

Cassie spent her early life in her hometown, where she grew up with her siblings. She married Larry Seaver, whom she met on Patron’s show, and dated for years before making their relationship official through a marriage.

Cassie has been in the music industry making a name for herself, but she has been keen on making her details secret. She has never talked of her family, but some sources reveal she is a mother to two beautiful children.

Cassie Siblings

Cassie and her siblings have made a name for themselves by establishing a promising career in the music industry. Dolly Parton is an iconic country music goddess and the elder sister to Cassie.

Willadeene Parton was the eldest Parton in the family, born in 1940. Although she did not pursue a music career, she wrote the family memoir. She wrote a few books, including one featuring the recipes her mother used to cook for the family.

Cassie’s other sister, Stella Parton, is a famous singer whose biggest hit, I Want To Hold You in My Dreams, made him a renowned musician. Stella was in the industry for some time and continued to release good songs with top 20 hits.

Cassie, with her siblings Stella, Dolly, and Willadeene, formed a quartet in 1967, producing a gospel album called In the Garden. Cassie also performed in the Dollywood show in 2013 with her brother Randy.

Randy was the eighth family member, and he followed in his siblings’ footsteps in becoming a musician. Some of Randy’s songs were at the top of the US Country Music charts in 1981. Unfortunately, Cassie’s brother died in January 2021 after battling with cancer for a long time.

Freida Parton was a twin with Floyd Parton, and he also ventured into the music industry. His twin brother Floyd was Dolly’s longtime partner in songwriting. Floyd appeared on Soundtracks for George Burns, but sadly, he died in 2018.

Rachel Parton was the youngest, famous for starring in ABC sitcom 9 To 5 from 1982 for six years. Other siblings have stayed away from the limelight, and little is known about them.