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Who is Christopher Emmanuel Paul II?

Christopher Emmanuel Paul II is a celebrity kid. Although he is 15, Christopher is already a celebrity and has a huge fan base. He is popular thanks to the reputation of his parents. He is the son of Chris Paul and Jada Paul. His father is a decorated basketball player, and his career has brought fame to the family; Christopher Emmanuel Paul II is riding in this fame.

Biography of Christopher Emmanuel Paul II

Christopher Emmanuel is a celebrity kid born on May 23, 1009. He was born in Phoenix, AZ, and his birth sign is Gemini. Although Christopher has nothing under his name to put him into the spotlight, his celebrity status is thanks to his parents.

He is the son of Chris Paul and Jada Paul. His father is a famous NBA star point guard, while his mother is an Instagram star who also became famous courtesy of her husband. Christopher Emmanuel has one sibling, a sister named Camryn Paul.

Christopher first appeared on TV in an episode of the Family Feud show that featured his family.

Education and Career

Being a celebrity kid, you would expect that most of the information about him would be available. However, Christopher Emmanuel has been kept private. His parents prefer keeping him in private for personal reasons.

As such, we have no information on what school Christopher Emmanuel attends and what educational level he is currently in. Similarly, we don’t know what his passion and talents are. Thus, we can’t tell what career he might take. Whether he takes the basketball path like his father or becomes an Instagram star like his mother is unknown. However, we will update the post once we get new information.

Meet Christopher Emmanuel’s Mother

Jada Paul is the mother of Christopher. She was born on February 16, 1984, in North Carolina. Her birth sign is Aquarius. Her fame skyrocketed after she became Chris Paul’s wife. Thanks to being a  celebrity spouse, Jada has over 130k Instagram followers.

Jada met her husband, Chris, during a basketball game in 2003. During this time, Jada and Chris Paul were students at Wake Forest University. Through this interaction, they started dating and later became a couple in September 2011. The couple has one son and a daughter.

Jada is an Instagram star. She was also a prom dress designer and owns the Jada Paul Prom Dress Giveaway. The foundation is part of her family’s Chris Paul Family Foundation.

Who is Christopher Emmanuel’s Father?

Christopher Emmanuel Paul, popularly called “CP3,” is Christopher’s father. His other nickname is “the Point of God.” He is an American professional basketball who has created his legacy over the years. He plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, and his skills have made him popular.

One of his career achievements includes being recognized among the greatest point guards ever in the NBA. He has won different awards and keeps impressing on the field.