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Clarence Staley, Personal Life and Net Worth

There are some women in the world who not only earn huge fame with their remarkable works but also make their family members proud. Clarence Staley is the father of one such girl named, Dawn Staley, a three-time Olympic gold medalist American basketball point guard. You must already know a lot about this phenomenal player. This is why today we are not going to talk about her but about her father.

So, read the article below and find out all about the childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, career, and other details of Clarence Staley.

Personal life

Clarence Staley is the father of a celebrity. Given the fact, there is no information available about him. From the names of his parents to his date of birth, everything is unknown to the public. If you talk about the married life of Clarence Staley, the name of his wife is Estelle Staley. When Clarence Staley got married and whether or not he is alive today is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings 

As you already know the family background of Clarence Staley remains a complete secret to the public, not even a single piece of information is available about his parents and siblings. Not only Clarence Staley but his celebrity daughter also never talked about her grandparents and family roots.


Clarence Staley had a happy and successful married life with his wife which gave him the pleasure of becoming the father of five kids and their names are Tracey, Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, and Dawn Staley. Among all, Dawn Staley is the most popular one. She is a former basketball player, who has a successful career and won 3 Olympic gold medals.

Education and profession

The educational details of Clarence Staley are not known to the public because he never openly talked about it. Also, the professional career of Clarence Staley remains a secret. However, we do believe that Clarence Staley must have a good profession because he provided a good upbringing to all his kids.

Reason for the popularity of Clarence Staley

It is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Clarence Staley is his daughter, Dawn Staley, who is a legendary basketball player and has won 3 Olympic gold medals for her country. Though she has never publicly talked about her parents and family background, Clarence Staley got enough attention from people for being her father.

Net worth of Clarence Staley

Since no information is available about the profession of Clarence Staley, nothing can be said about his earnings and net worth. However, it is sure that Clarence Staley lived a luxurious life in his second half of life because her daughter, Dawn Staley, managed to make huge money. As of 2023, she is the proud owner of around 2 million.


Nothing can be more prideful for a father to see his daughter achieving such a huge height of success. Clarence Staley is that proud father, who was very happy for his daughter when he was alive.