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Clary Fisher – Early Life, Career, and Relationship

Clary Fisher, also called Clary Colicutt, is a renowned fashion stylist and designer. Aside from being a fashion icon, Clary has hit the limelight as the ex-wife of Simon Konecki. This post focuses on Clary Fisher. We will dig into her early life, career, and relationship. Let’s get started!

Early Life of Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher is among the most popular celebrity wives. She has kept her profile private and there is less information about her. She hasn’t shared her birth details with the public. However, we know that she is British and her profession is being a fashion stylist. She has mixed ethnicity and she weighs 59kg and her height is 5 feet 3 inches.

Her fame met her when she married Simon Konecki. We have no names of her parents or siblings. Even in interviews and her social media, she has not talked about her personal life and family. She prefers keeping them hidden to protect them from the internet.

Clary was born in February but the exact year is unknown. She then grew up in Hove but nothing more about her childhood is shared.

Education and Career

Growing up, Clary Fisher pursued her education at the London College of Fashion. She then joined the University of Arts in London and pursued a degree in fashion design. Aside from being a fashion stylist, Clary also practices yoga and is a great champion for environmental sustainability in Hove.

Clary Fisher has met and worked with various artists while on her career as a stylist. She has worked on different projects that have exposed her to different artists.


Clary hit the headlines courtesy of her previous marriage. Her relationship began when she married her longtime childhood friend. Clary grew up in Hove and that’s where he met Simon Konecki and they grew up knowing each other in England. Having shared the same hometown, Simon and Clary developed a childhood bond that paved the way for love in the future.

Simon and Clary dated for long before deciding to get married. Their friendship was an added advantage to their relationship as it made it easy to know each other. The two tied the knot in 2004. from their union, they welcomed a child.

However, their marriage was not perfect. Their main chaos of turbulence was attributed to Simon’s role as CEO of Drop4Drop. The job kept him busy as he moved in and out of meetings, denying him room and space for family.

Besides, rumors had it that he had an affair during his “family meetings.” The turbulence led to their marriage hitting a rock only four years later. The couple finalized their divorce in 2008. Nonetheless, they co-parent to ensure their daughter still gets the best and adequate parental love that she requires.

Clary won custody of the daughter and Simon moved on and ended up marrying again. As for Clary, she also found love again and is now married to Paul Colicutt, who works as an athletics coach and a storyboard artist.