Clelia Monti, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s First Wife Clelia Monti, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s First Wife

Clelia Monti, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s First Wife

Everyone knows and respects Lamborghini cars. The brand has established itself among the best cars in the world. The luxury cars are thanks to the efforts and passion of Ferruccio Lamborghini. Well, Clelia Monti was the first wife of Ferruccio Lamborghini, and this post gives insights about her. Moreover, we will talk about her husband.

Who Was Clelia Monti?

Were it not for the achievements of her husband, we would probably never have heard about Clelia Monti. Although she was the first wife of the Lamborghini carmaker, Monti kept a secretive lifestyle, and many details about her are unknown. The couple never shared insights into how they met. However, they were blessed with a child, Tonino.

Sources that Monti and Ferruccio were dating before World War II. However, when the war started, Ferruccio got drafted to fight for his country, and it was only after he came back that he proposed to her and made the engagement official.

Their marriage was blessed with one child. However, they only enjoyed time together for a short time, as Monti died barely two years into their marriage. Her death was a blow to Ferruccio, who was left to take care of their only child.

During her time, Monti encouraged and supported Ferruccio in his passion for cars and her influence played a role in Ferruccio following his car-making dream and later invented Lamborghini.

Biography of Clelia’s Husband

Ferruccio Lamborghini first married Clelia until her death. Ferruccio was born on April 28, 1916, and he was a professional Italian automobile designer. Moreover, he also worked as a mechanic, soldier, winemaker, engineer, and businessman. His main popularity was making the famous Lamborghini brand.

Ferruccio first made his Lamborghini Trattoria in 1948 and later created another version, the Automobile Lamborghini, in 1963. He found his space as a carmaker of high-end sports cars, and his legacy continues to date. He even named his car Lamborghini after his name.

Ferruccio was raised in a humble background. His parents were grape farmers. His early exposure to the mechanic world allowed him to join the tractor manufacturing sector in 1948. It’s from here that he founded his first Lamborghini Trattoria to help as an agricultural equipment in Italy.

Ferruccio opened different companies, and after opening up the Automobile Lamborghini, that’s when he decided to sell his interests by the 70s and pursued winemaking.

Early Life of Clelia’s Husband

Clelia’s husband was born in the province of Ferrara in Northern Italy. He was the son of Evelina and Antonio Lamborghini. He was baptized as a Roman Catholic. From his childhood, Ferruccio developed an interest in farming machinery, and he followed his interests to become a mechanic. He joined Fratelli Taddia Technical Institute in Bologna before joining the Italian Royal Air Force to serve as a mechanic.

After the war, Ferruccio returned as a civilian and opened up a mechanic workshop. It was after the war that he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Clelia, and they started their family. Ferruccio built the Lamborghini legacy, and his name in the high-end cars will remain respected for years to come.