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Cleopatra Singleton: A young actress walking in the footprints of her father

If you expect a celebrity child to follow in the footsteps of their parents, you will not be surprised to find out that Cleopatra Singleton is a young American actress who is trying to take the legacy of her late film director and screenwriter father, John Singleton, further.

Already intrigued to find more details about Cleopatra Singleton? Then, you are in the right place because here we are going to discuss all her life details.

Personal life 

Born on 6 September 1999 in the USA as the darling daughter of John Singleton and Vestria Barlow, Cleopatra Singleton is a 24-year-old American actress. Like her parents, Cleopatra Singleton is an American by nationality, while she hasn’t revealed anything about her religious beliefs.

The same goes for the love life of Cleopatra Singleton as well. Owing to her age, we expect that she must be having a romantic relationship but the gorgeous lady has not opened her lips regarding this matter.

Parents and siblings 

Cleopatra Singleton is one of two children and the only daughter of her parents, John Singleton and Vestria Barlow, who never got married. They had a romantic relationship for a brief period of time and it resulted in the birth of two children including Cleopatra Singleton. The name of her elder brother is Maasai Singleton, who was born in April 1996. Other than one real brother, Cleopatra Singleton has five step-siblings from her father.

If you wonder about the professions of her parents, they both were active in the film industry. Her father achieved significant success as a film director and screenwriter before his death in 2019 and her mother also used to work as an actress during her young age.


Cleopatra Singleton seems to have no children right now because there is no such information available.

Education and profession 

You will hardly get any information about the education of Cleopatra Singleton because it is a completely untold topic. However, with the fact that she is the daughter of rich parents, it won’t be wrong to expect that the lady must have received a good education. If you talk about her profession, she is making her career in the acting field.

Reason for the popularity of Cleopatra Singleton

No doubt Cleopatra Singleton is an actress and has achieved initial success in her career as well. However, the main reason for her recognition at the moment is her father, John Singleton, who was a renowned personality.

Net worth of Cleopatra Singleton

Well, the exact worth of Cleopatra Singleton is yet to come out in public because she has kept it a secret. With the fact that she is an actress by profession, you can expect the young girl to have an impressive net worth. Also, Cleopatra Singleton must have inherited her share from her father, John Singleton, who had a net worth of around $35 million when he died in 2019.


Cleopatra Singleton has been getting the attention of the public since her childhood but she was never satisfied with that only. She worked hard and built her own fan following.