Curtis Vogel: Exploring the Journey of a Visionary" Curtis Vogel: Exploring the Journey of a Visionary"

Curtis Vogel: Exploring the Journey of a Visionary

Some people gain popularity because of their husbands, while some gain because of their wives. Curtis Vogel falls into the second category. He is best known for being the spouse of South Korean journalist, Kyung Lah, who is the correspondent for US-based CNN. We are not here to tell you about the wife of Curtis Vogel but Curtis Vogel himself.

So, if you are interested in finding out details about him, read the article further and learn about his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, earnings, net worth, and other details.

Personal life

To be honest, there is no information available about the early life of Curtis Vogel. He himself is not popular, so we can’t expect much details about him but his celebrity spouse has also never revealed any details about the birth details and parents of her husband.

Moving on to the married life of Curtis Vogel, he is married to Kyung Lah, who is a popular South Korean journalist and works as a correspondent for US-based CNN. The exact marriage year of Curtis Vogel is not known though. However, we can say that the couple has been together for a very long time because they welcomed their child years ago.

Parents and siblings

Considering the fact that Curtis Vogel is an extremely private person and never disclosed any details regarding his family background, you will not get any information about it. Whether or not he has any siblings, he never revealed it either.


Curtis Vogel has a successful married life and is said to be a proud father of a lovely daughter who was born in 2001. The name of his daughter is not known to the public though.

Education and profession

Like many other life details of Curtis Vogel that are unknown to the public, there is hardly any information available about his education as well. However, we believe that Curtis Vogel is a well-educated man because he worked as a television producer and has even served for NBC for some time. Presently, he is the VP of Edendale Strategies.

Reason for the popularity of Curtis Vogel 

Though Curtis Vogel himself is a TV personality and a successful businessman, the primary reason for his popularity is his wife, Kyung Lah, who is a popular face as a CNN correspondent.

Net worth of Curtis Vogel

Curtis Vogel is not like those people who reveal every single detail regarding their lives to the public. He keeps almost everything to himself only. This is the reason that it is hard to find out the exact net worth and earnings of Curtis Vogel. However, considering his professional career, we can say that he must have a good net worth.  If we talk about the net worth of his celebrity wife, Kyung Lah, she is estimated to have around 1.5 million.


Curtis Vogel is a perfect family person. He loves spending time with his family. While enjoying his time with his family, he has also maintained a good balance between his personal and professional life.