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Daniella Liben Life Insights, Bio, Relationships, & More

Daniella Liben is no one other than the wife of American comedian Adam Pally. Let’s read further about Daniella, her life, career, social media presence, parents, love life, her husband Adam, his career, life, and much more.

Mini Bio

Daniella was born in 1981 in New York City, United States of America. She is currently 42 years old.  She is the daughter of Barry Liben and Sindy Liben. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a nurse. She is of Jewish descent. She is a businesswoman and a boutique store owner. As she lives away from the limelight not much is known about her in the public domain.

Social Media Presence

As per our research and knowledge, it is believed that she is currently not available on any social media platforms. As she lives her life away from the limelight and wants to focus on her career and profession she is away from social media. Though she is married to a celebrity she loves to keep her life private, secret, and away from the limelight.

Why She Is So Famous

Daniella is famous among the netizens as well as the public. She is famous because she is the wife of American actor Adam. Moreover, she is famous because she is a prominent face in the fashion industry in the US. Adams lives in the limelight and that limelight gets attracted to her as well. So these are a few reasons why she is so famous among the netizens as well as the public.

Net Worth

As per our research and knowledge, it is estimated that Daniella has a net worth of more than $3 million.

Career and Profession

Daniella is a businesswoman by profession. She is the owner of a boutique shop. The name of her boutique shop is Ruby. She is a fashion expert and gives fashion tips and advice to the public.

Love Life

Daniella is married to American actor Adam Pally. They both married on 3 July 2008. Moreover, they both have three children named Cole, Georgia, and Drake. They both support and love each other in their problems. They both with their children live happily in the USA.

Daniella’s Husband: Adam

Daniella’s hubby Adam was born on 18 March 1982 in New York, New York City, United States. He is the son of Steven Pally and Caryn Pally. He has two siblings named Erica Pally and Risa Pally. He attended The New School in New York.

He made his debut in the movie Assassination of a High School President. Then he appeared in movies like Taking Woodstock, Monogamy, Don’t Think Twice, Most Likely to Murder, Dog Days, Omniboat: A Fast Boat Fantasia, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Who Invited Charlie? He recently appeared in the movie Hell of a Summer.

Moreover, he appeared in TV shows like Californication, The Mindy Project, Regular Show, The President Show, Impractical Jokers, 101 Places to Party Before You Die, and FUBAR. He recently appeared in the TV show Knuckles.


Daniella is a loving, supportive, and proud celebrity wife of Adam. She loves and supports him in his critical times. Moreover, she takes care of their children. Furthermore, she is a successful businesswoman and a renowned fashion expert.