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Danny P. Bourgeois Biography and life history

Danny P. Bourgeois is a celebrity kid who has worked hard to create a career against all odds without relying on his celebrity status. Many know him thanks to him being the son of Donna Douglas and Roland Bourgeois. His mother was a famous singer and actress. Her fame is mainly for appearing in “The Beverly Hillbillies” released in the 1960s. She played as Ellie-May Clampett and fans quickly loved her role and accelerated her celebrity status. Although Danny has not shared many details about his life like his mother did, there is still information that we can share about him. Read on!

Who is Danny P. Bourgeois?

Danny is a celebrity kid. He is the son of Donna Douglas, a decorated American actress. He was born on May 13, 1964, and went ahead to carve a successful career that didn’t rely on his celebrity status. Danny is the son of Roland Bourgeois and Donna Douglas. His grandparents are Elma Robinson and Emmett Ratcliff Smith. His zodiac sign is Virgo and he is an American national.

Education, Career, and Achievements

Danny was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and he joined Louisiana State University. Danny went ahead to try different career paths and ventures to create income. He is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Over the years, Danny has founded different companies and marketplaces that link sellers to buyers while offering digital services. As a Philanthropist, Danny has worked on different projects, including founding charities such as the numundo foundation. The foundation focuses on creating sustainable solutions around the travel sector. He also partakes in offering scholarships to students seeking to join the Philanthropy world.

Over the years, his work has put him into the limelight and he has received different awards for excelling at what he does, especially in the travel industry. For instance, his company was awarded as the best sustainable travel company in 2015 at the World Travel Awards.

Another key achievement about Danny is that he is the founder of Fiverr. The company is a marketplace that links clients to freelancers to offer digital services such as content creation. He managed to build the platform thanks to his self-taught programming skills from a young age.

Danny has also written numerous articles and publications that have further pushed him to the limelight. He has published articles on Forbes and other prominent sites. He also appeared as a guest speaker at different events and conferences where he would share his insights about the travel industry and how to make it sustainable. He has even had a chance to speak at global summits.


Danny lived an admirable life. He managed to accomplish many things during his time on earth and his work left a mark on many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, his time on Earth ended on August 17, 2019. Despite his death, people are still curious about him and want to dig deeper to understand his philosophy, how he worked his career and passion, and how he lived with people. This post puts you one step closer to understanding everything about Danny P. Bourgeois.