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Darlene Slaton Biography and life history

1000-lb Sisters blew the mainstream when it launched. It is an American reality TV series that follows two sisters and their personal life. The sisters, Amy Slaton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton are famous in this series, and they have talked about their mother, Darlene Slaton, on different occasions. This post talks more about Darlene Slaton and the influence, plus the relationship that she has with her daughters.

Meet Darlene Slaton

Darlene is widely known as the mother of Amy and Tammy. The two sisters are the lead players in the 1000-LB sisters film. Darlene was born on December 25, 1960, in Shawnee, Illinois. Darlene has a  zodiac sign of Virgo, and her height is 5 feet 7 inches.

She is a widow, and her late husband is Robert Franklin. Darlene has seven children, but two of them are the most famous ones. Her real name is Darlene Rednour Franklin, and she moved from living in Illinois to living in Morganfield, Kentucky.

Darlene’s Marriage

Darlene Slaton has been married twice in her years. Unfortunately, both marriages ended shortly, and she hasn’t had a happy and long relationship. She was first married in the 1980s, but details about her first husband are private.

From her first marriage, she welcomed five children: Amy, Tammy, Amanda, Mistry, and Chris. Darlene then divorced from her marriage for undisclosed reasons. After this divorce, Darlene still managed to fall in love again and married Robert Franklin.

Darlene and Robert married at Grove Center Faith Chapel Church. They held their marriage on February 24, 2013, and her husband was working as a volunteer dispatcher and a firefighter. Darlene remained in this marriage for eight years. Unfortunately, Robert passed away on January 6, 2021, aged 62 years. From this marriage, the couple was blessed with two children: Crystal and Wayne.

Darlene’s Relationship with Her Famous Daughters

Although she has seven children, two of them are celebrities thanks to their 1000-LB sisters reality show. Her two daughters, Amy and Tammy, worked on the reality show where they shared details about their overweight and weight loss journey.

Although the show is in its second season, it greatly contributed to pushing the sisters into the limelight and making them famous. Their mother occasionally appears on the show, but she has expressed her disapproval about her daughters appearing in the show.

Darlene’s relationship with her daughters is often perceived as sour and un-affectionate. According to Tommy, she didn’t get attention and love from her mother during her childhood. This detachment from her mother has contributed to the sisters having a sour relationship with their mother.

Besides, her mother doesn’t support their weight loss journey, and that’s the main reason why she doesn’t fully support the sisters appearing in the 1000-LB Sisters show. Fans have also called out Darlene for what they feel is being un-supportive of her children and lacking time to be there for them as they pursue their careers, which breaks the connection she has with their children.