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Everything About David Nessim Lawrence

Suppose you are a movie and television enthusiast. In that case, you may have heard about David Nessim Lawrence, a famous American composer who became popular for winning an ASCAP award for his music in American Pie 2.

David Nessim was born in 1960 to Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence, a duo that focused on traditional pop music. David Nessim followed in his parent’s footsteps, and it is no wonder that he has been credited for composing music for numerous films and television shows.

David Nessim Lawerence’s Father

Steve Lawrence, born on July 8, 1935, was the father of David Nessim Lawrence. Steve was an American singer, comedian, and actor, and he made it into the public by partnering with his wife, Eydie.

Besides singing, Steve acted in The Blues Brothers as Maury Sline, showing great talent as an actor. David’s parents first appeared together in 1954, as a duo, and they performed together as a duo until Gorme retired in 2009.

Steve Lawrence was born in Sidney to Jewish parents, and he attended Jefferson High School. While David’s father was in high school, he earned some money from singing. Lawrence used to sing for songwriters in the Brill Budling, and that is how he got into music.

Steve Lawrence’s Career

David Nessim’s father got a breakthrough in the music industry when Steve Allen hired him to be one of the singers on the local show. Steve was eighteen by the time, and he was singing alongside Andy Williams and Eydie Gorme.

The duo stayed together until 1954 when the show ended. In the late 1950s, Davis’s father was drafted into the army, serving as the official vocal soloist with the United States Army Band. He released a few hits like Go Away Little Girl, which topped the record charts in the early 1960s.

David Nessim Lawrence’s Siblings

David’s parents got married on December 29, 1957 at El Rancho Vegas. The couple had a happy life, and they welcomed two sons, David and his younger brother Robert Lawrence. Unfortunately, Davis’s younger brother had a hearty condition that they had not diagnosed, and it led to his death in 1986 when he was 23 years old.

David’s parents were in Atlanta, where they had performed the previous night when David’s brother died. A family friend sent the couple a private jet that flied the couple to New York to meet David, who was schooling at the time. David’s parents took a year off due to their other son’s death before they started touring again.

David Nessim Lawrence’s Mother

David’s mother was a famous singer and actress, who released several hits topping in the Latin pop charts. She sang solo and collaborated with her husband, making tours in various places. David’s mother worked as a translator after high school and still attended a singing band, where she honed her singing skills.

David’s mother died on August 10, 2013, a few days before she could celebrate her 85 birthday. David’s parents revealed Eydie had been his partner on stage and in life for 55 years, and he loved her from the moment he saw her.