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Everything About Donata Badoer, A Noblewoman From Italy

Donata Badoer was born into a noble family in the Republic of Venice. Doanat’s family had deep roots in politics, and being a successful merchant family, she lived a comfortable life with status in society.

Donata Badoer was born around 1280, and she lived following her mother’s steps. During this era, ladies never held proper status, as they usually dealt with hose management chores. It was not different for Donata Badoer, but she enjoyed her family’s wealth.

By the time Donata Badoer was getting married, she was the heiress to a large fortune that guaranteed her a comfortable marriage. Well, if you want more details regarding Donata’s children, continue reading this post!

Was Donata Badoeer Married?

During Donata’s era, women had no decisions about the men they wanted to spend their lives with. Elder male members of the family always made wedding arrangements, and that was the case for Donata Badoer.

When Donata was around 20 years old, her family arranged her wedding with Marco Polo, a famed writer and merchant who spent his early years exploring the world. It was expected that Doanata would marry from a noble family, and that was the case because Donata’s husband was also from a prosperous merchant family.

Donata was twenty when she married Marco Polo, who was 46 years old. It was a norm for ladies to be young and get married to older, successful men. The wedding happened around 1300, shortly after Marco Polo had returned from exploring China.

Donata and Marco’s wedding was of high class, and as always, it included a lavish banquet, dancing, and soothing music. After the ceremony, Marco and Doanto went to Marco’s family, where they spent their life happily.

Who was Marco Polo?

Marco Polo remians one of the famous explorers in history. Since Marco’s early years, he has shown great interest in traveling the world. Marco was born in 1254 in Vernice, Italy, where he spent his early teen years and late years of his life.

When Marco Polo turned 17, he chose to travel the world alongside his father and uncle. The first trip was to China, and this destination formed most of Marco’s memories. Marco’s father and uncle were experienced traders, and they used their exploration journey to make wealth for themselves.

Marco and his father and uncle travelled through land and sea, and it took them years to reach china, where they spent their next 24 years. They spent this time learning about Chinese customs and culture, and Marco’ used the stories in his book called The Descriptions of the World.

Marco was a hardworking man, and he even served the Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan, as a diplomat in various court affairs. When the Polos decided to return to Venice in 1295, Marco was captured during the journey, but he was returned to his country later, the same year, during the Genoese-Venetian peace treaty.

Donata and Marco’s Married Life

Donata and Marco had an eventful marriage life, which gave them three beautiful girls. Although Marco died a few years later after their wedding, they led a happy life, and Marco ensured he left Donata a yearly stipend that ensured she lived comfortably after his death.