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Recalling Memorable Life Of Doris Rowland Garrison

Doris Rowland was the celebrity mother of the American singer and television personality, Kelly Rowland. Read further, to learn more about Doris, her net worth, and her life.

Early Life

Doris Rowland came into the world on December 6, 1947, in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, United States. Her father was James Edward Rowland, and her mother was Ella Mae Dowdy Rowland. Doris has a black ethnicity, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Personal Life

Doris was in a relationship with Christopher Lovett. The man served in the Vietnam War and came back with traumatic experiences. He experienced PTSD, a mental disorder that led him to alcohol abuse and became violent towards Doris.

She gave birth to her son, Orlando Rowland, and her daughter Kelendria Trene Rowland. However, as Christopher’s attitude worsened, Doris left him with her children and raised them herself. Doris lived a hard life, yet she raised a superstar under her wing.

Net Worth

Doris Garrison’s net worth is unknown. However, her daughter’s net worth is around $12 Million. This includes her income sources, inheritance, and assets.

Why Is She Popular

Doris came into the limelight as the supportive mother of Kelly Rowland. She was in the musical group, Destiny’s Child, with the businesswoman, and musical legend, Beyoncé.

Famous Daughter

Doris’s eldest daughter, Kelly Rowland is a well-renowed celebrity, actor, television personality, and musical artist.

She started her career in the music industry in the mid-1990s as a member of the musical group Destiny’s Child with fellow member Beyoncé. The group was a hit as soon as they began releasing music.

Kelly Rowland released her first single in 2002, Simply Deep. The song charted on Billboard’s top hundred, and the first solo album sold over 3 million copies, setting a record at that time. Kelly released numerous singles and hit albums afterward, becoming  America’s one of the best musical artists.

Later, she became a television judge for a singing reality show. Kelly also became part of numerous films, including Freddy vs. Jason and The Seat Filler.

Private Life

Despite Doris’s daughter’s fame, she preferred living simply and maintained her privacy. She came to a few interviews and always appeared to cheer her daughter.

However, she never gave information about her personal life or previous life. She stayed away from the limelight and lived as a normal mother.


Doris passed away at the age of 66 on December 2nd, 2014, due to cardiac arrest. Her daughter, Kelly confirmed that later and accepted her beloved mother’s departure. She took her last breath in her home, in Atlanta after welcoming her grandson.

Lesser Known Facts

Doris raised her children all by herself. She left her husband due to his violent acts.

Her daughter, Kelly Rowland, was a part of the musical group Destiny’s Child, alongside the world-famous artist Beyoncé.

Kelly is one of the most popular and respected American singers, songwriters, and actresses.

Doris died at the age of 66 due to cardiac arrest.


Doris Rowland Garrison lived a hard life and raised her children all alone. However, she was a supportive and loving mother to Kelly and her brother.