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Everything About Ellie J Woods, Jordan Fisher’s Wife

Ellie J Woods is a celebrity wife who has captured the attention of many fans for rocking actor Jordan Fisher’s life. Ellie and Fisher grew up together, but they shared their feelings around 2019 when they chose to enter into a romantic relationship.

Ellie J Woods was born on June 30, 1998, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, where she grew up with her sibling, Harrison Woods. Ellie graduated with a degree as a clinical nutritionist, but Fisher explained that she still has a love for art.

Since Ellie was young, she was concerned about her fitness, prompting her to start working on her physical fitness. Ellie continued loving fitness, and eventually, her passion led her to pursue Food and Nutrition as her career.

In growing her career, Ellie Woods has used various social media platforms like YouTube. She has collaborations with the Los Angeles initiative Share a Meal, and she uses her channel to educate her fans.

Ellie Woods’s Relationship with Jordan Fisher

Fisher disclosed in an interview that he met Ellie for the first time when he was 13 years old. They grew up as friends until sometime in 2019 when they entered into a romantic relationship. Fisher was working in New York, and he invited Ellie to his place for dates. Eventually the dates bore some fruits, and they decided to enter into a relationship.

Ellie and Fisher’s relationship started in 2019 when Fisher engaged the beautiful blonde girl. Almost a year after getting engaged, the two lovebirds called a private ceremony of friends and family at Disney Walt World Resort, where they exchanged vows, becoming one family.

Fisher and Ellie celebrated their union at the reception, and they started their married life. In December 2021, the lovebirds announced that they were happy to become parents. They organized a reveal party, where they filled cups with blue ice screams, revealing that they were expecting a baby boy.

When Was Ellie’s Son Born?

Ellie and Jordan Fisher welcomed their son Riley on June 7, 2022. This was one year after walking down the aisle, and the couple could not hide the joy of having a new life attached to them.

To announce Riley’s birth, Ellie and Fisher posted pictures of Ellie while pregnant and a few pictures of the cute baby boy. As Ellie entered motherhood with joy, her fans wished her a happy life with the little cutie.

On April 2023, Ellie celebrated her husband’s birthday, expressing it was his first birthday as a father. Moreover, she added that the year was super special because Jordan was a father, and it was his last year being in his twenties.

Who is Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher is a famous actor, singer, and dancer. Fisher made his debut in television films like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and he has since then done other things like music. Jordan Fisher has acted in many films, becoming a successful actor.

Besides being a renowned actor, Fisher is a husband and a proud father to a cute little boy who has changed Fisher’s life.