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Who is Esme Louise Sutter? Everything About Katey Sagal’s Daughter

Katey Sagal is a famous actress and singer known for her many years in the entertainment industry. Katey Sagal announced the birth of her miracle daughter, Esme Louise, who was born in 2007, and it surprised many that the actress had chosen a unique method of bringing her daughter into the world.

Esme Sutter is still a teenager and enjoys a life away from the public eye. Katey and her husband value their daughter’s privacy, explaining why they have chosen to shield her from publicity until she is of the right age.

Who is Esme Louise Sutter?

Esme Louise Sutter is a celebrity child whose birth news impressed many. Katey Sagal and producer Kurt Sutter are the little girl’s parents, and it is no wonder that Esme enjoys her parents’ fame.

Esme’s father is a famous artist, while her mother is a talented actress and singer. Despite Esme’s parents’ old age, they did not want to give up on having a baby. Esme’s parents wanted to adopt a child of their own, but the heavens favored them, and they had an opportunity to have their daughter through a surrogate.

Despite Esme being a celebrity kid, her educational background has been kept a secret. However, considering her parents’ status, she might be attending a prestigious school.

Esme Sutter’s Birth

Esme Sutter is the youngest in her family, and her parents explained her unique birth. While Esme’s mother has two elder children, she was unfit to carry Esme in her womb. As a result, she was left with the option of using a surrogate or adoption.

The family welcomed Esme warmly, with everyone eager to hold her and shower her with love. Esme’s parents wanted to adopt a child, but the surrogacy option fell into the plan beautifully.

Since the conception of Esme, her parents have attended every doctor’s appointment. The surrogate and her husband were available when Esme was born, and Kurt cut the cord after their girl was delivered.

Esme’s Siblings

Although Esme is the first child of Katey and Kurt Sutter, she has siblings from her mother’s previous relationship. Sarah Grace White is her eldest sister, born in August 1994. Sarah Grace has grown into a beautiful woman and pursued a creative career like her brother.

Grace is an actress who has followed in her mother’s footsteps, featuring in films like The Bastard Executioner and Rebel. Jackson James White is Esme’s other sibling, the only boy in the family.

James White was born in March 1996 and grew up following his mother’s career. James started acting in 2017, and since then, he has made good progress, landing a couple of roles. Among the films he has featured are Mrs. Fletcher, The Space Between, and SEAL Team.

Esme had another half-sister, Ruby Jean White, although she never saw the world. Ruby Jean lived for seven months, and she was born as a stillborn. Esme leads a happy life and has a close bond with her siblings.