Everything About Maimiti Brando, Marlon Brando’s Daughter Everything About Maimiti Brando, Marlon Brando’s Daughter

Everything About Maimiti Brando, Marlon Brando’s Daughter

Maimiti Brando is a celebrity daughter who has ensured she leads a quiet life away from the limelight. Despite her father and siblings having successful careers in the entertainment industry, Maimiti has chosen a different path, staying away from public attention.

Maimiti is one of the three children that Marlon Brando adopted. Maimiti’s mother was the third wife of the famed actor, and he adopted Maimiti and her cousin, bringing them up as his own. In Marlon Brando’s will, Maimiti and her cousins were mentioned as the beneficiaries. Here is the entire story!

Maimiti’s Bio                                                                      

Maimiti is the daughter of Tarita Teriipaia, whom Marlon married in 1962. Maimiti’s parents shared two children, and Marlon went ahead and adopted Tarita’s niece alongside Maimiti after they divorced.

Maimiti is among the eleven children who actor Brando recognized in his will. Her siblings include Christian, Miko, Simon, Rebecca, Tarita, Ninna, Miles, Timothy, and Raiatua.

Some of Maimiti’s siblings have well-established careers as actors and actresses like their father, while Maimiti and Raiatua have kept their lives secret and away from the limelight. Maimiti’s sister, Tarita Brando, pursued a career in modeling, but she got pregnant with a man that her brother killed, making her commit suicide in 1995.

Maimiti Brando’s Father

Marlon Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska on April 3, 1924. Brando became famous when he was featured in A Streetcar Named Desire, in which he had a leading role as Stanley Kowalski. The 1951 film made Brando a star, so he received a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award.

Maimiti’s father continued with acting, although the 1960s were not the best for his career. He came back in 1972 when he had a role in The Godfather. After the film, he became an established actor, highly paid, which allowed him to get more roles in Superman, Apocalypse Now, and The Formula, among others.

Brando was celebrated by many, and he received several awards for his acting skills. He was the Time’s Actor of the Century in 1999 and continued acting until 2004. Brando died at 80 from a respiratory failure.

Maimiti’s Brother Christian Brando

Christian Brando is the eldest and has made the headlines as an actor and criminal. Christian had a close relationship with his sister Cheyenne, and they met at a hotel where they had dinner. During the dinner, Cheyenne disclosed to her brother that her boyfriend was abusive. Upon their return, Christian met Dag while he was visiting, and he shot him dead.

During the trial, Christian admitted to shooting Dag but defended himself that he was drunk and they were fighting for the gun when it went off, killing Dag. Christian explained he had no intentions of killing Dag, and he got sentenced to five years in prison.

Maimiti’s brother also had issues with the law when he got charged with contempt of court. His wife also accused him of spousal abuse, and he pleaded no contest and got put on probation.