Everything We Know About Carol Kikumura Everything We Know About Carol Kikumura

Everything We Know About Carol Kikumura

Carol Kikumura got her fame as an actress when she appeared in the Hawaiian Eye film in 1959. Besides acting, she was also known as Rod Taylor’s wife. Although her husband died in 2015, the couple lived together well and have a history of separating and then reuniting later on. Their beautiful love story, complimented by their acting careers, helped make them popular. More about Carol Kikumura and her late husband is detailed in this post.

Biography and Early Life of Carol Kikumura

Carol Kikumura was born on May 17, 1942. Her birth name is Gaaimi Yaemi Kikumura, and she was born in San Francisco, California. She is an American, and her profession is acting. As of 2024, Carol is 81 years old.

Carol was born and raised in San Francisco. However, she hasn’t shared information about her personal life. We don’t know who her parents were. Moreover, she hasn’t talked about her siblings, if she has any.

Carol’s birth sign is Taurus. Unfortunately, her private life makes gathering more details about her challenging.

Education and Career

Carol has not mentioned details about where she attended school. Even in interviews and online presence, she has kept her educational background hidden. The career she pursued in school is unknown. However, she ended up being an actress, and her fame met her when she played a lead role as a waitress in the Hawaiian Eye film released in 1959.

Relationship and Children

Carol Kikumura is widely known as the wife of the late Rod Taylor. Carol met Rod in their early years in the 60s when she was an actress. Rod has also been in the entertainment industry, and their chemistry, thanks to being actors, helped them quickly bond.

However, their relationship ended when Carol relocated to Las Vegas. Carol and Rod went their way and didn’t get in touch for a decade. Things took a different turn when Carol phoned CBS in 1971 and left a message for Rod.

Surprisingly, Rod got the message and called her back. This instance opened room for them to date again. They hooked up and dated for nine years before finally deciding to tie the knot in 1980. Their life for the previous decade, in which they had not been in touch, didn’t hinder them from rekindling their love.

However, the couple has not mentioned whether they had a child. Rod had a daughter, and Carol Kikumura adopted her after Rod died. Carol lived with her husband from 1980 until his death on January 7, 2015.

Who Is Carol’s Late Husband?

Carol was married to Rod Taylor until his death. Rod was born on January 11, 1930, in Sydney, Australia. However, he met his death due to a heart attack while living with his family in Beverly Hills, California.

Rod was an Australian national who arrived in Hollywood in the 1950s to build his acting career. His handsome look was an added advantage as it helped him quickly get into acting and create a lovable character. Rod has a daughter, Felicia Taylor, who was taken care of by his wife after his death.