Facts About The Auto Repair Industry That May Surprise You Facts About The Auto Repair Industry That May Surprise You

Facts About The Auto Repair Industry That May Surprise You

Innovative technology has dramatically changed The car fixing industry in recent years. Using super-advanced tools has not just made fixing cars better, but it’s also modified how we care for and service our vehicles. 

Get ready for the exciting future of fixing cars – it’s all about using automotive shop software to make auto repair shops super awesome! If you own a shop, you’ve got to be super bright and know about the cool things happening in the car world. Cars are getting super fancy, and we must be ready for them.

Things are changing quickly, and we need to be like superheroes and stay ahead of the game. Let’s talk about how you can get ready for the tech changes in fixing cars!

The Influence of Modern Technology on Auto Repair Shops

Many repair shops now use the latest technology when fixing cars, sometimes without even realizing it. While customers might come in just for an oil change or tune-up, what happens when something goes wrong with their car’s automatic emergency braking system? 

What would happen if a customer’s plug-in hybrid was experiencing difficulties with battery charging? 

Do you roll up your sleeves and attempt to fix it, or do you just give up and send them to the dealership?

Many of the automobiles that visit your business at the moment can be classified as “basic” or “simple” autos. They don’t have the latest systems that help with driving or electric power and can’t communicate with their manufacturers. But this is changing quickly.

Newer technologies are making their way into every new vehicle, and the number of these ‘basic’ cars is decreasing. 

Eventually, they’ll become rare and make up only a small percentage of the vehicles on the road—similar to what happened with older cars with carburetor engines.

Here are a few significant trends in technology that will affect the auto repair industry.

Anticipatory Maintenance is on the Horizon

Did you know that many new cars nowadays come with the latest feature called built-in internet hotspots? It’s not just for better internet in the vehicle; some car companies are using it to keep an eye on how our cars are doing!

They have these excellent sensors inside the car that can tell the car company if something is about to go wrong. 

And guess what? 

The car company can then inform us in advance so we can fix it before it becomes a big problem! That’s like getting a heads-up about your car’s health.

It’s not just good for us, but also for the people at the car repair shops. If they know what’s happening with our cars, they can easily communicate to us about fixing things. 

It’s like having a friend who understands about vehicles and helps you take care of them. So, it’s like a win-win for everyone!

ADAS Mandatory for All Vehicles

Almost every new car now has some excellent features to help keep us safe while driving. 

But guess what? These safety measures will soon be standard on every new car; it’s like a superhero makeover for automobiles!

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a specific legislation that was approved by our government, which is the body that sets regulations. It was signed by President Biden on November 15, 2021. Now, this law says that all brand-new cars should have three super helpful features: 


  • A smart system that warns you if you’re about to bump into something 
  • A superhero-like emergency brake that can stop the car if needed
  • A remarkable technology that helps keep the vehicle in the right lane


So, get ready to see all cars turning into road safety superheroes! It’s like they’re getting their own set of superpowers to protect us all.

Electrification is Experiencing Swift and Widespread Adoption

The Toyota Prius paved the way for cars that use electricity, and many people in North America have liked it for the past twenty years. Even though the Prius may not be the most incredible car, lots of other companies started making cars with hybrid engines to join in on the trend.

Now, there are a bunch of electric cars driving around, and some of them are not covered by warranty anymore. The rules about how cars should be efficient and not cause too much pollution are getting stricter because of global warming.

Some car companies are not making big engines with 12 cylinders anymore. Lamborghini and BMW are saying goodbye to the old engines. This is happening because of the changes in technology.

This is important for car repair shops that are not connected to a big company. They need to be ready because more cars with electric and hybrid engines will require fixing. 

So, it’s good to understand how these changes will affect small car repair shops and get ready for them.

Young, tech-savvy Workforce Represents a Viable Solution to the Issue

Staying updated on the trends happening in cars can be a bit tricky. Fixing the new gadgets in cars needs the latest technology. If you’re wondering how to best use all this tech stuff, it might be all about the mechanics you bring in.

Younger folks have practically grown up with computers. They know their way around the tech we’re talking about here. If you hire them and give them some training, your shop can look super impressive to customers. 

This means more people with the newest cars might come to your shop. Plus, these tech-savvy workers might even teach a thing or two to their colleagues. 

Incorporating automotive service scheduling software

Imagine if everything at your auto shop, from setting up appointments to keeping track of your technicians and creating invoices, could be super easy and quick. 

Well, that’s what innovative software like automotive service scheduling software does for you! 

Nowadays, many things are done on computers, and having the right software makes your auto shop stand out. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you do things better than shops that don’t use it.

When you use the right software, you can make your business even better. You can fix more cars, earn more money, and keep more customers happy. 

It’s like having a magic wand for your auto shop!

Wrapping Up!

Even though modern cars can be tricky to fix, older cars have their own issues after an accident. Some older cars might get wrecked entirely, meaning the cost to fix them is more than the car is worth. This happens because the parts for these cars are costly, and not many people want to buy them once they’ve been in a crash.

Using automotive shop software is an excellent idea if you want your store to do well in the coming years. If you focus on fixing the latest car gadgets, you can make your store stand out.