Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella

Get to Know Holly Madison’s Son, Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella

Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella has been on the tabs of many netizens thanks to his mother, Holly Madison, an American television personality known for her appearance on the reality show The Girls Next Door. The young celebrity star was born on August 7, 2016, to the reality star and her then-husband Pasquale Rotella.

Education and Other Details

Forest’s parents have been secretive about his educational details; they have not mentioned the school she attends or if he is homeschooled. Forest Leonardo Antonio is a loving boy and likes spending time with his family, especially with his older sister, Rainbow Aurora, who adores and loves him.

His Parents’ Love Life

Before meeting Forest’s father, Holly Madison had dated at least one man; she dated editor-in-chief and founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hufner for seven years. After their breakup, Forest’s mother announced that she would never date again; she clarified that she did not need a man.

During the announcement, she also mentioned that she would focus on her career and targeted starting and starring in her own shows. It is funny how Holly Madison started dating two years after making it clear that she would never date again. She met a man named Pasquale Rotella, who swept her off her feet; they started dating in 2011, but it was not until 2012 that she made their relationship public.

Forest’s parents exchanged their wedding vows in Disneyland in September 2013, six months after welcoming their first child, a daughter named Rainbow Aurora. Holly and Pasquale were happy in their marriage, but their relationship started being complicated; they later separated and divorced in 2019. Upon their divorce, Forest’s mother has never been in any serious relationship; however, little is known about Forest’s father after the divorce.

His Mother’s Autistic Condition

Growing up, Forest’s mother always knew that she had autism; her parents suspected she had the condition but were never sure. Holly was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder but accepted her condition and learned to live with it. While appearing on a podcast, Forest’s mother mentioned that she struggled to form social relationships with her agemates due to her condition, which was why she was attracted to older men.

She mentioned that she struggled to connect with guys her age, but it is funny how she connected with Pasquale Rotella. Given that autism can be passed down to the offspring, there might be a chance that Holly Madison’s children might have the condition, but there are no signs to show that Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella has autism.

What is the Net Worth of Forest’s Mother?

Forest Leonardo’s mother has made a great fortune through her television career; she appeared in several shows, including Holly’s World and The Playboy Murders. In her television appearances, she has received generous pay, and her net worth is estimated to be 16 million dollars.

Social Media

Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella is too young to be on social media, but his mother sometimes posts pictures of him and his older sister on her Instagram page. Holly Madison has a huge following on Instagram, but most of her posts are work-related.