Freddie Beckmeier Profession, Notable Works, Music Success, & More Freddie Beckmeier Profession, Notable Works, Music Success, & More

Freddie Beckmeier Profession, Notable Works, Music Success, & More

Freddie Beckmeier is ex-husband of American Actress and Singer Katey Sagal. Let’s read further about his life and many more.

About Freddie

Freddie’s date of birth is not known. He is a musician by profession. He is well known for his marriage with actress and singer Katey Sagal. They both have been dating since 1975. After 2 years of dating, they both decided to get married in 1977. Unfortunately, 4 years after marriage they both decided to break up.

He is well known for the movie “The Rose”. He is a member of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. He is the brother of Stephen Beckmeier.

Freddie’s Profession

Freddie was a musician by profession. He has played various musical instruments in many songs. Especially he plays guitar very well. He is known for playing music in the songs Walking by Myself from the album Keep on Moving released in 1969, and Everything Gonna be Alright from the movie Woodstock.

Freddie’s Notable Songs

Following is the list of notable songs in he has played music:

  1. Born in Chicago for the movie Blues Brothers 2000 released in 1965.
  2.  Driftin’ Blues for the album Iconic Performances From the Monterey International Pop Festival.
  3. Everything Gonna be Alright for the movie Woodstock 2.
  4. Get off My Life, Women for the album East-West released in 1966.
  5. Love March for the movie Woodstock.
  6. Mellow Down Easy for the album of  Paul Butterfield Blues Band.
  7. Tollin’ Bells for the album The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw.
  8. Help me for the album The Original Lost Elektra Sessions released in 1995.

What Made Him Famous?

He got popular for the movie The Rose which was released in 1979. The movie was about the tragic life of a self-destructive female rock star who struggles to deal with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her harsh business manager. This movie was directed by Mark Rydell. The star cast of the movie was Bettey Midler, Alan Bates, and Frederic Forrest.

Freddie’s Ex-Wife

Freddie’s ex-wife Katey was born on 19 January 1954 in Los Angeles, California, the USA. She is a daughter of Bora Sagal and Sara Zwilling. Her father was a television director and mother was a singer. Her father was a Ukrainian Jewish Migrant and her mother was of Amish descent. Unfortunately Freddie’s ex-mother-in-law mother died of heart disease in 1975. She has a stepmother named Marge Champion. Unfortunately her father died on the set of World War III in 1981. She has four siblings. They all grew up in Los Angeles, the USA.

She had attended Palisades High School. She attended California Institute of Arts.

In 1973, she started working as a backing vocalist for various singers. In 1976, she worked with The Group With No Name for their album Moon Over Brooklyn. She performed back vocals on the albums of Gene Simmons, Molly Hatchet and Olivia Newton-John. She was a member of Harlettes in 1978 and 1982-83. She performed the song It’s the Time for Love for the movie Silent Rage in 1982. Her latest release was in 2019 named Mayans MC: Black is Black.


Freddie was a musician and a not so close husband of Katey. They parted their ways after their separation. But he made his life successful in his profession.