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Giovanna Marie LaValle Bio, Lesser, Known Facts, & More

Giovanna Marie LaValle is the daughter of a television personality called Nicole Polizzi. Read further to find out more about this celebrity kid and discover what makes her famous.

Personal Life

Giovanna Marie LaValle was born on September 26th 2014 in Livingston, New Jersey, United States of America. She was born to Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle, she has an older brother; Lorenzo LaValle and another younger brother; Angelo LaValle. She rose to fame due to her appearances in her mother’s YouTube Channel.

Her Mother Nicole Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi is an actress and a television personality. She was born in Santiago, Chile on November 23rd 1987. When Nicole was 6 months old she was adopted by Italian American parents, Andy and Helen Polizzi. Much later after Nicole took up a DNA Test she discovered she was of Chilean and European descent.

She completed her schooling at Marlboro High School and went on to pursue further studies at Brookdale Community College. During her school days, she received the nickname ‘Snooki’ which was based on a character in the film ‘Save the Last Dance’.

Nicole Polizzi’s Career

As a TV personality, Nicole has had an extensive career and has featured in many reality shows. She was brought to the spotlight by MTV through the TV show ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’. Post which she became a part of a TV series called ‘Jersey Shore’. At one point in her career during this time, Nicole was slapped by a gym teacher, although an embarrassing event, Nicole turned this into a success story and raised her appearance fees. She is otherwise best known for her roles in the television series Snooki and Jwoww and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Nicole has also been the guest hostess for WWE RAW and WrestleMania XXVII in 2011. She has also been a hostess for several occasions and award shows such as CMT Music Awards, MTV’s Club New Year’s Eve 2013 and WWE events.

Besides being in the entertainment industry, Nicole is also an author who has penned three books titled ‘A Shore Thing’, ‘Confessions of a Guidette’, and ‘Gorilla Beach’.

She is a recipient of the WWE Slammy Award for the A-Lister of the Year (2011).

Giovanna’s Parents Nicole and Jionni

Nicole and Jionni had announced their engagement in March 2012, a few months later, in August their first child, Lorenzo was born. Two years later, in September 2014, the couple again became parents to a daughter named Giovanna. In May 2019, Nicole and Lorenzo welcomed their third child, a son named Angelo.

Facts About Giovanna and Her Family

  • Giovanna was named after her father Jionni.
  • Giovanna is of Chilean, Italian and American line of descent.
  • Giovanna’s maternal grandfather was a volunteer firefighter.
  • Giovanna’s mother had suffered from an eating disorder during her high school days.
  • Before Giaovanna’s mother ventured into the entertainment industry, she had been studying to become a veterinarian technician.


Giovanna is a young child who is yet to embark on the different journeys of life. FRom what is known of her parents’ media she is a talented and joyful young kid who will hopefully craft out a successful life for herself.