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All About Mark McGrath’s Daughter, Hartley Grace McGrath

Hartley Grace McGrath is the daughter of American singer and lead vocalist of Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath. She was born to the singer and his partner, Carin Kingsland, on April 21, 2010, in Los Angeles, California. The young celebrity kid has a twin brother named Lydon Edward, and they were born via cesarean section.

Education and Passion

Regarding her educational life, it is unclear which school she attends since her parents have not made that information public. However, given her well-off parents, she probably attends the best schools in the United States. Hartley Grace has kept a low profile, or rather, her parents have kept her personal life away from the public. Therefore, it is hard to tell what she loves doing, but given that she is young, she still focuses on her education.

Her Parents Relationship

Hartley’s parents had been dating on and off before finally deciding to get married. How they met has never been public, but they dated for at least 16 years before tying the knot. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 and have been together without rumors of divorce or separation.

Her Father

Hartley’s father was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but he grew up in Newport Beach, California. He went through high school, after which he started his music career; at the start, it was not easy, and he even gave up at some point. He continued his studies, and after college, he was depressed since things were tough for him.

After battling depression for some time, he met McG, who helped him out of his depression by finding him a driving job. After working as a driver, he returned to the music industry. He partnered with Murphy Karges, Stan Frazier, and Rodney Sheppard to form Sugar Ray in 1992.

Hartley’s father’s band did not achieve success immediately, as they struggled for some time. However, after five years in the music industry, the band started regaining recognition and performing in major events. McGrath’s success came in the late 1990s after he started appearing on magazine covers. In 1998, he was voted the sexiest rocker.

Her Mother

Hartley Grace’s mother has stayed off the public eye and prefers to live a private life. She is an aesthetician and works in California. Carin is a great person and a good mother to her kids; those who know her know she is kind.

What is the Net Worth of Her Father?

Hartley’s father has been in the music industry for over 20 years. Besides, he has appeared on various television shows for many years. His net worth is estimated to be 8 million dollars; given how rich her father is, Hartley and her twin brother are probably living their best life.

Social Media

Hartley Grace McGrath is not active on social media platforms since she is still young and still focusing on her studies. On the other hand, her father is active on social media pages, especially on Instagram, where he likes posting. However, most of his posts are work-related; he rarely posts pictures or videos of his family.