Ike Turner Net Worth Ike Turner Net Worth

Ike Turner Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Ike Turner?

Today, Ike Turner is a dead personality who has left a whopping amount of fortune behind. He was an American actor and achieved great success in his professional career. Today, we will discuss the net worth and the money he has left after his death. How much money it was and who would inherit it?

Here, we are going to unfold all the details about total net worth, earnings, different sources of earnings, personal assets, and expenditures of Ike Turner on charity. At last, you will also get information about the personal life of Ike Turner.

Net worth of Ike Turner 

Ike Turner was a famous musician and his professional career lasted for decades. This was the reason that he could earn a great deal of money. When he died in 2017, he had a stunning net worth of $500 thousand. Who really inherited this much money after his death is not known to the public but we expect that his money would be inherited by his kids and wife.

Main source of earning 

Ike Turner was primarily a musician and this was his main source of earning. As a musician, he achieved significant success, which ultimately helped him to earn a giant amount of money. He mainly worked for the music groups Ike & Tina Turner (1960 – 1976) and Kings of Rhythm and made name, fame, and money in the world.

Additional earning streams

We have already told you Ike Turner was a musician but he was involved in many other professions as well which include songwriting, record producing, and talent scouting. Through all these three professions, Ike Turner made a decent amount of money which helped his net worth to be such a giant.

Fortune, asset, and endorsements

We tried to find out some significant information about the fortune and assets of Ike Turner but had no luck because Ike Turner had kept all these details private to himself. With the fact that he is a celebrity, it is pretty obvious that he must have had a luxurious car and house in his lifetime. As for the endorsements of Ike Turner, he was actually hardly seen endorsing any product or brand. So, we believe that he was not much active in doing endorsements and sponsorships.

Ike Turner’s expenditure on charity

Saying anything confirmed on the fact whether Ike Turner was active in charity works is not really possible because he did not do anything public in this regard.

Personal life of Ike Turner 

Ike Turner was born in 1931 in the USA and died in 2007. The names of his parents were Beatrice Cushenberry and Izear Luster Turner, who both were professionally active. If you talk about his married life, Ike Turner got married 5 times in his lifetime and had a bunch of kids. The most popular wife of Ike Turner was Tina Turner.


Though the personal life of Ike Turner was a little bit shaky, he was quite successful in terms of his profession. This is the reason he could earn so much money.