Isabel Washington Powell Isabel Washington Powell

Isabel Washington Powell: A versatile lady who had a successful professional career

Let us begin by revealing that Isabel Washington Powell is a dead personality. When she was alive, she was a famous dancer, showgirl, and actress and this is the reason she is still popular despite decades after her death. Apart from her own successful professional career, Isabel Washington Powell was also best recognized for being the first wife of Adam Clayton Powell Jr., a famous former US representative.

Here, let us unfold the life details of Isabel Washington Powell starting from her birth to her death.

Personal life 

Isabel Washington Powell was born on May 23, 1908, in Savannah, Georgia to Harriet Walker Ward Washington and Robert T. Washington. By nationality, she was an American like her parents. She had a long and healthy life which continued for 98 long years before she took her last breath on 1st May 2017 in New York USA.

Moving on to the personal life of Isabel Washington Powell, she got married once in her life and the name of her husband was Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Unfortunately, it was not a successful marriage and lasted only for 12 years from 1933 to 1945.

Parents and siblings 

Isabel Washington Powell was one of nine children of her parents, Harriet Walker Ward Washington and Robert T. Washington, who did not have a very luxurious kind of life. The mother of Isabel Washington Powell worked as a dancer and her father was a postal worker. Given this fact, Isabel Washington Powell lived an ordinary childhood with her 4 brothers and 4 sisters.

Apart from the names, no personal details like their marriage are available about the parents of Isabel Washington Powell.


Isabel Washington Powell probably did not have any kids through her marriage with Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Because there is nothing available about her kids.

Education and profession

Although Isabel Washington Powell was from an ordinary family, her parents provided her with possibly the best education they could. Isabel Washington Powell completed her early education at a local school at St. Elizabeth’s Convent in Cornwell Heights, Pennsylvania. Thereafter, she moved between New York where a new career opportunity as an actress was waiting for her. She started her professional journey of being a dancer, showgirl, and actress from here.

Reason for the popularity of Isabel Washington Powell 

Isabel Washington Powell herself was tremendously successful in her profession and earned huge recognition at a young age. Her marriage with Adam Clayton Powell Jr also added a significant boost to her popularity though.

Net worth of Isabel Washington Powell 

With the fact that Isabel Washington Powell was active in multiple professions and achieved success in all of them, we are not at all surprised that she was estimated to have around $1-5 million when she died in 2007.


Isabel Washington Powell seemed to have loved her husband deeply because she never got into any other romantic relationship after her divorce from him. She lived her remaining life all alone and left the world peacefully.