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Jamal Labranch Famous Life, Brother’s Popularity, & More

Jamal Labranch is none other than the half-brother of an American singer August Alsina. Read further to find out more about this celebrity sibling and her life, and discover the reason behind her fame.

Personal Life

Jamal Labranch’s mother is Sheila Alsina, He has three siblings, Melvin Labranch III, Travis Labranch and Netia Labranch. August Alsina is his half-brother, who happens to be a well-known singer and songwriter.

His brother Melvin Labranch III was shot and killed in August 2022, in New Orleans. His other brother, Travis Labranch is an upcoming actor.

His brother August Alsina

Jamal Labranch’s half-brother, August Anthony Alsina Jr. is a singer and songwriter who has composed various English hits, especially in the hip hop and R&B genres. He was born on September 3rd, 1992 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. He was born to Sheila ALsina and August Alsina Sr.

August had a tough childhood growing up as his father and stepfather, both, were battling with cocaine addiction. Due to this, the family had to relocate to Houston, Texas. It is also known that August had a rocky relationship with his mother, at one point in time she threw him out of their house.

August has not had a very smooth life as an adult as well. He has been battling with several illnesses. In 2015, August was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that has been causing him to go blind slowly. In 2017, August was seen recurrently collapsing on stage, it was later revealed that he was suffering from an autoimmune disease, which had also caused him to slip into a coma for three days.

August Alsina’s Career

August’s primary music influence was Lauryn Hill, his current music influences are Usher and Chris Brown. Alasiana has collabed with bug artists like DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. He has released four albums in total as of 2023, his first album Testimony was released in 2014, followed by This Thing Called Life in 2015 and The Product III: State of Emergency in 2002. His most recent album was released in 2023, titled MySelf. He has won the BET Awards for Best New Art and a Coco-Cola Viewers Choice Award for his work.

August Alsina’s Controversy

Partial credit for August’s fame goes to him being involved in a controversy with Jada Pinkett Smith. The couple were in a relationship or an entanglement, as the media would say, for a while. This relationship sparked controversy and made headlines for a good few weeks.


  • His brother, August Alsina began his music career at the age of 14, by uploading cover songs on YouTube.
  • August Alsina has custody of his three nieces – Chaylin, Amaiya and Kayden from his sister Chandra after her passing.
  • August Alsina, Jamal’s half brother had announced his retirement due to his ailing health conditions in 2021, but however had made a comeback in 2023 with an album.


Jamal Labranch is a talented young man who has decided to follow in the footsteps of his brother and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The aspiring actor and musician has battled through various hardships of life, fans only hope and wish he turns out to be as successful as his older brother.