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Imani Duckett, Meet Jasmine Guy’s Only Child

Jasmine Guy is a proud mother to her only child, Imani Duckett, who has followed in her steps into the entertainment world. Imani Duckett has started her acting career, and thankfully, because of her mother’s prior experience in the industry, she has started on a good note.

Imani Duckett is the only child of Jasmine Guy, a famed actress, producer, and singer, and Terrence Duckett, a healthcare consultant. Imani Ducket was born in 1999, a year after her parents had walked down the aisle and exchanged vows.

Why is Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Famous

Jasmine Guy’s daughter was born in the limelight, and it is no wonder she has enjoyed being a celebrity child all her life. However, recently, Imani entered the entertainment world, where she has begun making a name for herself.

Besides being an actress, Imani is also a model, which has made her presence in the media more noticeable. Imani is a beautiful young lady, and her modeling and acting efforts make her famous.

Imani started acting at a young age, and her mother’s guidance saw her feature in various movies like Serial Black Face (2006), Unsung Hollywood (2016), and Open (2020)

Imani Duckett’s Early Life

Imani Duckett was born in New York City on March 28, 1999. She grew up as the only child of her parents, and she had a lavish lifestyle because of her parents’ wealth. Imani attended a local school in Atlanta before joining New York University.

Imani knew what she wanted from a young age, so she majored in arts. Additionally, she took dance classes to perfect her acts. Unfortunately, Imani’s parents divorced when she was only nine years old.

Imani’s mother won the custody of her daughter, and she received legal and physical custody of the beautiful girl. Imani’s father wanted to have shared custody of their daughter, but he was ordered to pay $1469 monthly child support.

Four years after the court ruling, Jasmine filed for a lawsuit, claiming that Terrence Duckett had failed to pay child support since May 2010. The actress claimed Duckett owed $39,663 in child support.

Imani Duckett’s Career

Imani Duckett is a talented actress and model. She has followed in her mother’s footsteps, who has guided her well in venturing into the entertainment industry. Jasmine has been Imani’s model and mentor, and she started acting in 2006.

Imani started acting in plays before landing her first role in a Hollywood film in 2016. She played the younger version of her mother, and it opened more opportunities for the young lady. Despite Imani being new in the entertainment industry, she is doing well and garnering a fan base.

Imani Duckett’s Net Worth

Imani Duckett has been committed to acting, enabling her to get a net worth of $1 million. She has earned her money through modeling and acting. Despite some attributing her wealth to her parents’ wealth, she has done great in acting and modeling, making her own money. Imani Duckett is talented and will reach her mother’s level soon.