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Jesse Malkin: Early Life, Career, Family and Success

Many people only came to hear about Jesse Malkin after learning that he is the husband of Michelle Malkin. However, most people have yet to understand who Jesse Malkin is. His early life, career, and net worth caused curiosity. If you wish to satisfy your quest for the same information, our post today is the ideal solution. It goes deep into talking about Jesse Malkin, ensuring you know who Michelle’s husband is.

Jesse Malkin’s Biography

One key thing we know about Jesse Malkin is that he is an economist working with the RAND Corporation. He is widely known as the husband of Michelle Malkin, an American conservative political commentator.

We don’t have details about his birth and family, including his siblings. Nonetheless, we know that he attended Berkley High School in Detroit. He successfully undertook his studies and graduated in 1987. From High School, he enrolled at Oberlin University to pursue a political degree. Here, he graduated in 1991.

His passion for education was still at its peak, and in 1993, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Public Policy Analysis. For his Master’s, he decided to enroll at the University of Oxford. On top of the Master’s, he attained his Ph.D. in 1998 from the same institution.

Jesse Malkin’s Age, Religion and Ethnicity

When writing this post in 2023, we estimate that Jesse Malkin is about 54. We believe that he was born around 1969. Moreover, we have grounds to believe that he was likely born in Detroit, Michigan, making him an American nationality.

Jesse has a white ethnic background. As for his religion, he is a dedicated Roman Catholic.

Jesse’s Passion for Health

Jesse also had a drive to help people, especially in health matters. He was determined to keep researching different health matters to discover new things, especially those with a negative impact on human health.

Besides, he is the author of different health books where he talks about his research. He has also shared and contributed to different research on health. His passion for health is evident in the activities that he engaged in. Jesse loves reading and his education history is a testimony of his commitment to keep learning.

Jessie’s Wife and Net Worth

Earlier, we mentioned that Jesse Malkin is mainly known thanks to his wife, Michelle Malkin. Jesse is married to a supportive wife, and the two have managed to help each other grow and achieve different milestones.

Jesse and Michelle met while studying at Oberlin University, and after dating for two years, they tied the knot in 1993. Jesse’s wife opted to take a different career path. She took the commentator and blogging path, leaving Jesse to pursue his passion for research.

The couple keeps pushing the limits to gain wealth while enjoying their careers. As of 2023, it is estimated that Jesse is worth $500,000. Michelle also has a net worth, and when combined, the couple is worth a sustainable value that allows them to live a good life and cater to their needs.