Jessie Estell James – Bio, Career, Net Worth, and Family Jessie Estell James – Bio, Career, Net Worth, and Family

Jessie Estell James – Bio, Career, Net Worth, and Family

Jessie Estell James is born in the lineage of Jesse Woodson James, a famous outlaw in America. Being born into this lineage makes people curious to know more about Jessie Estelle James. Everyone is always asking who Jessi’s parents are and who her grandfather was. Besides, fans are curious to know if she took the lineage behavior to become an outlaw or if she managed to do things differently. All these concerns are addressed in this post.

Biography of Jessie Estelle James

Jessie Estelle James was born on August 27, 1906. She was born in Kansas City, United States. She is the daughter of Jesse Edwards James Jr and Stella Frances McGowen. At the time of her birth, her father was 30 years old, while her mother was 24 years old.

Jessie’s popularity is courtesy of the lineage she comes from. Her ancestry has a reputation for being outlawed. Her grandfather, Jesse Woodson James, was a famous outlaw, and his reputation widely spread, making people want to dig more about his family, including children and grandchildren.

Jessie was raised alongside her four siblings, and her birth was good news for the family.

Career and Net Worth

For all the years that she lived, Jessie didn’t share information about her career and what salary she was earning. We also don’t know what investments she got into. Thus, knowing what her net worth was is difficult.

However, her lineage had accumulated substantial income. Her grandfather was a millionaire, which likely means her father was also a millionaire. With this large net worth, Jessie didn’t have a tough time growing up as her needs got taken care of.

Personal Life

Jessie has shared minimal information about her life. Nonetheless, we know that she married Mervin B. Baumel on May 23, 1931, and their wedding was in Los Angeles, California. She then moved to Jackson, Missouri, where she stayed with her family. She was blessed with one son and a daughter.

Jessie lived her best life until when death met her at age 80. She died on February 2, 1987, in Huntington Beach, California. After the mourning period, she was laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

Meet Jessie’s Father

Jessie was the daughter of Jesse Edwards “Tim” James. Her father was born on August 31, 1875, and was the only surviving son in the family. Jesie’s father was born in Nashville, Tennessee. His bitch came when his father, Jesse Woodson James, was at the peak of his outlaw career. Jesse Edward’s mother was Zeralda.

Growing up, Jessie’s father used the alias “Tim Edwards” to conceal that he was the son of Jesse James. Following his father’s assassination, Jessi’s father and his family moved to Kansas City.

Jesse Edwards met Stella, and they fell in love. They then married on February 27, 1882, and had four daughters. Jesse moved his family to Los Angeles, and they opened up a restaurant. Jessie‘s father remained in California until when he died in 1951. His occupation was being a lawyer.