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Who is Jin Mosley? Meet Shane Mosley’s Ex-Wife

Jin Mosley is a celebrity wife known for her relationship with former American boxer Sugar Shane Mosley. Shane and Jin were married in 2002, and Jin was Sugar’s manager in boxing at some point. Despite having a good bond, the couple divorced in 2010 after giving birth to three children.

Jin Mosley was previously married as Shane was, and they both had a child from their previous marriages. Jin Mosley and the boxer divorced, but the lawsuits that followed after their divorce have shown a bad relationship between them.

In 2015, the former American boxer alleged that his ex-wife was married to him while she was in a marriage with another man. The boxer said that Jion had married someone in 1995, and they were not officially divorced when she married the boxer.

Jin took the matter to court, and in 2017, the judge asked the boxer to give Jin $75,000 for ruining her name and causing her distress. Her attorney revealed that claims of Jin being in another marriage were false, and she had divorced her previous husband in 2002 before she married the boxer.

Jin Mosley Career

Jin Mosley is a single mother of four children, three of whom are with the former boxer Sugar Shane Mosley. Jin worked as Sugar’s manager, and despite her retirement after their divorce, she has continued to involve herself in boxing and MMA scenes.

Jin is also an investor, entrepreneur and advisor and has continued with her career, ensuring her children get the best life. There have been claims of Jin working as a stripper previously, but the celebrity ex-wife has declined the claims.

Why is Jin Mosley Famous?

Jin Mosley has continued to enjoy fame thanks to her relationship with her ex-husband, Shane Mosley. Jin and Shane walked down the aisle in 2002 and remained husband and wife until 2011 when they divorced.

Jin started making headlines in 2015 when she took to court that her husband was accusing her of bigamy. Jin filed a defamation suit against the former boxer, claiming that he had caused her emotional distress, negatively affecting her career as a coach.

Shane Mosley claimed his former wife had not finalized her divorce from her former husband. Mosley claimed that her ex-wife had taken advantage of him for so long, and he would not have married her if he knew she was still married.

The divorce agreement read that Jin wanted Shane to have Vasectomy, and the boxer believes that Jin never wanted him to have any more children. Shane also confirmed that Jin wanted three world title belts as part of the divorce agreement, and he complied to get it over with the divorce.

The attorney cleared the bigamy claims against Jin Mosley as false, but Shane still kept holding on to his statements that they were true.

Is Jin Mosley Married?

Jin Mosley is focused on caring for her four children and her career. However, despite the work, she is a social lady who has revealed that she is meeting someone. The lady has not yet announced another man in her life.