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Jo-Ellyn Tucker Relationship, Love Life, & More

Jo-Ellyn Tucker is an attorney and the wife of Michigan State University’s coach Mel Tucker. Let us read further to know more about this attorney and celebrity wife and her life.

Personal Life

Jo-Ellyn Tucker was born on August 18,1971 in Markham, Illinois, United States. She is the daughter of Joe Haynesworth and she has two sisters, Rhonda Haynesworth and Deneise Haynesworth. She took her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. And took her law degree from the Rutgers Law School. Unfortunately her father has passed away.

Family and Love Life

She met Mel Tucker in 1997 when both were working in the same University of Michigan State. They fell in love with each other and got married in the year 1999. They have two sons, Joseph Tucker and Christian Tucker who both are college going students.

Her Husband Mel Tucker and his career

Mel Tucker is a Football Team Coach of the University of Michigan State. He was born on 4 January 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. His parents are Melvin Tucker Sr. and Shirley Tucker. His father was also a football coach.

He has one brother, Mihael Tucker who is also a football coach. He attended the Cleveland Heights High School also where he started playing football and was an excellent player. After high school, he played soccer for the University of Wisconsin.

After graduating from the university he started his career as a coach’s assistant at the University of Wisconsin. He then coached the University of California football team. In 1997 he was appointed as a coach for South California University, where he spent five seasons.

In 2002, the University of Colorado appointed him as the coach of their football team. Currently he is in news due to his suspension as the coach of football team of University of Michigan due to the allegations of sexual harassment by Brenda Trancy.


  • Jo-Ellyn being an attorney is also a community leader.
  • She is the board member of the Big Brothers Big Sister of the Capital Region.
  • She is the president and founding member of the Investment club.
  • She is also the board member of the Capital Area Humane Society.
  • Her constant effort makes a pragmatic effort on society.

Her Relationship with her Husband

Both are married for more than 20 years. This shows their commitment towards each other in this relationship. Throughout the journey of Mel Tucker, she completely stood with him and acted as a pillar for him.

Her support in this relationship has helped to flourish their love. Which eventually helped in the successful career of Mel Tucker. In this current sexual allegation on her husband, she might be in her support and will be standing with him throughout the journey.

Sexual Allegation on her Husband

Mel Tucker was suspended by the University of Michigan State due to allegations made by the Anti-Gender based Discrimination Activist Brenda Trancy. A third party investigation is ongoing on him. He will lose his job if he is found guilty in the said case.


Jo-Ellyn Tucker is a wife of Football Coach Mel Tucker and a proud wife who always stood with her husband. She is also a former attorney and her social media shows that she is a caring mother and a loving wife.