Jocelyn Leroy: What We Know About Her Jocelyn Leroy: What We Know About Her

Jocelyn Leroy: What We Know About Her

To be famous, you don’t need to do something extraordinary. A simple act such as marrying a celebrity will push you into the limelight, and people will want to know you more. That’s what happened with Jocelyn Leroy. Her fame is entirely because of being Cheryl Crane’s partner. Before Cheryl Crane, Jocelyn Leroy was ordinary, and nothing in her life made her a celebrity. Let’s discuss more about her in the sections below.

Who is Jocelyn Leroy?

Jocelyn Leroy is Cheryl Crane’s celebrity spouse. She met Cheryl at a party held by Wally Cox. The two started dating and developed an interest in each other. The two got serious about their relationship and soon relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii, where Crane worked as a real estate broker.

The two got engaged and moved to San Francisco in 1986. The two remained together, and Crane’s mother regarded Jocelyn as her other daughter and supported their relationship. When Crane’s mother died, Jocelyn and Crane inherited her wealth, which was worth $1.7 million.

Although Jocelyn stayed engaged to Crane for years, they officially married in 2014 after four decades of being together. Throughout the years, Jocelyn kept a low profile, and only minimal information about her is available.

Her birth details, parents, childhood, siblings, and educational background are unknown. Even her career is unknown as Crane clouded her life with her celebrity status and her infamous past. Jocelyn has no active social media presence, making it hard to trace her life’s activities and past.

Who is Jocelyn’s Partner?

Jocelyn is married to Cheryl Christina Crane. Cheryl was born on July 25, 1943. She is an American former model and a retired real estate broker. Moreover, she is an author, and her fame is also attributed to being Lana Turner’s only child. Her mother was an actress, and Crane had an infamous incident at a young age where she killed her stepfather. The incident also helped push her into the spotlight as details about the incident went viral, and people followed along with the case proceedings to understand what transpired during the fateful day.

Cheryl was born in Los Angeles to Lana Turner and Steve Crane. However, her parents divorced in 1944, and her mother married again. Crane was raised in Bel Air, Los Angeles and attended St. Paul the Apostle School. She then attended Emerson Junior High School and joined Happy Valley School in California.

Jocelyn’s Partner – Killing of Johnny Stompanato

At age 14, Jocelyn’s partner became the center of focus after news surfaced that she had killed her stepfather. According to what Cheryl and her mother shared, Crane acted out of anger after an argument between her mother and stepfather went overboard.

She was in her room when she heard her stepfather threatening her mother to kill her. According to Crane, it wasn’t the first time that her stepfather was abusing her and her mother. She got angry and went downstairs, picking up a knife and stubbing Stompanato. The case proceedings concluded that it was a justifiable homicide.