John-Franzese-Jr. John-Franzese-Jr.

John Franzese Jr. Successful Life So Far

John Franzese Jr. is an American former mobster. He is related to the mafia crime family named Colombo crime family. So, let’s look into his past life, family, personal life, and more.

Quick Bio

John Franzese Jr. was born on April 22, 1960. He is currently 63 years old. He was born to underboss John Franzese and Cristina Capobianco-Franzese. His brother, Michael Franzese, was also involved in organized crime, but later he left the life of crime and started a new life. John was first acquainted with the life of the mafia by his brother, Michael. He is living now as Mat Pazarelli.

Personal Life

He married Denyce Franzese in 2004. He met her first at the Odessa rehab facility in 2001. Denyce is a former party girl in Hollywood. She is an ex-addict. Later, she entered rehab and ultimately made herself free from all kinds of addictions, and became sober and clean. She then started working as a counselor in Odessa, where she met John. But he left her in September 2006 and never returned. He has a son with Denyce.

Denyce Franzese, was featured in the show episode ‘Rat Trap’ of “I Married a Mobster.”

His Father: John Franzese

John “Sonny” Franzese Sr. was born on 6th February 1917, in Naples, Italy. Sonny was his nickname given by his mother, Maria Corvola. His father, Carmine Franzese, used to run a bakery. His family immigrated to the USA at the time of his birth. In the 1930s, he started working under Joseph Profaci, who was the boss of the Profaci crime family, which was later renamed as the Colombo crime family. He was accused of so many crimes, starting from robbing banks to murder. He was involved in organized crime for over eight decades. From 1963 to 1967, he served as underboss of the Colombo family. On February 24, 2020, he passed away in a New York City hospital at the age of 103.

His Early Life In Organized Crime

He is a very lazy person. He was never interested in his father’s work. But in his early years of life, he performed shakedowns, which were possible because of his father’s reputation. In the 1980s, he was most active in organized crime, but later he left the life of crime and joined the FBI as an informant.

John As An Informant To The FBI

John was never interested in organized crime. He wanted a way out of his life. One day, he was approached by the FBI with a proposal to become an informant. Interestingly, he accepted the offer and turned FBI informant on his own father. He testified twice against his father. His father even attempted to kill him. Later, he lived under witness protection. He earned $50,000 from the FBI as a cooperating witness.

On January 14, 2011, John Franzese Sr, his father, was sentenced to eight years in prison with the help of his testimony. His father was charged for extorting two Manhattan strip clubs and a pizzeria on Long Island and also for running a loan shark operation. John is the first son of a New York mobster to become state’s evidence and testify against his father.


John Franzese is now living in Indianapolis. He has become an influencer for all people struggling with the affliction of addiction. He was successful in rehabilitating.