John Zimmer Net Worth John Zimmer Net Worth

John Zimmer Net Worth: How Wealthy Is John Zimmer?

John Zimmer is an American entrepreneur popularly known as the co-founder and former President of an on-demand transportation service ‘Lyft’. The young entrepreneur is only 39 years old as of 2023 and he has already made a whopping amount of net worth. Today we are here to talk everything in detail about the net worth and earnings of John Zimmer.

So, read the article below and find out his different sources of earnings, his total net worth, his expenditure on charity, personal assets, and properties. In addition to that, you will also get information about the personal life of John Zimmer.

Net worth of John Zimmer

You would be surprised to know that John Zimmer holds a jaw-dropping net worth of 800 million. At the age of only 39, it is a really big thing to have been able to earn such a huge amount of money. His net worth is obviously going to surge in the future because he is quite active and is young too.

Main source of earning 

The main source of earnings for John Zimmer has been his entrepreneurial career without any doubt. He founded his transportation service in 2012 when he was only 28 years old. It became a superhit and today he is the owner of 800 million dollars. He has made money solely through this company.

Additional earning streams 

John Zimmer is a focused entrepreneur and he has given his all time to his transportation company, Lyft. In his 11-year professional career, he has solely and dedicatedly worked for this transportation company only. Given the fact, he does not have any additional earning streams. All his money stems from his transportation company and his entrepreneurial career.

Fortune, asset, and endorsements

John Zimmer is not a showbiz celebrity. Maybe this is the reason that there is hardly any information available publicly about him. The same goes for his fortune, assets, and real estate. However, we are pretty sure that he must have opulent houses and cars because he has a net worth of 800 million. Also, he is never seen doing any endorsements.

John Zimmer’s expenditure on charity 

We can’t say anything about the charity and humanitarian works of John Zimmer because he has not let this information come out to the public as well. If he is indulged in any type of charity work, he must be keeping it private.

Personal life of John Zimmer 

Born 1984 John Zimmer is a 39 years old American entrepreneur. No information is available about the parents of John Zimmer. If you talk about his love life, the name of his partner is Cristina García Rivas and they have one child together. Whether or not they are married is not confirmed.


John Zimmer started his professional career like a common man but destiny took him where he belongs and today he is a rich entrepreneur in the US. He has managed to make such a huge amount of money at such a young age.