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Johnnie Shand Kydd Profession, Life Insights, Net Worth, & More

Johnnie Shand Kydd is a photographer and the step-brother of the former British Princess of Wales, Diana. Read further to learn more about Johnnie Shand Kydd and his life.

Early Life

Johnnie Kydd came into the world on May 2nd, 1959, in England, United Kingdom. His mother was Janet Munro Kerr, and his father was Peter Shand Kydd.

Johnnie has two siblings, one half-brother named Adam and a half-sister named Diana. His sister Diana was married to the Prince of the United Kingdom.

Growing Johnnie has a lean towards photography and has shown a passion for it, since then.


Johnnie completed his education at a local high school before he joined a university. He completed his undergraduate degree in Arts and English from Exeter University.


Johnnie is a well-renowned photographer, and he started his career by working in an art gallery named Bond Street.

Later Johnnie started to photograph his artist friends and those in his family. His photo collection Spit Fire became popular among people. This collection was also featured in the Sensation Show at the Royal Academy in 1997.

His recent photography collection and exhibition is Siren Cirt, the eight years of photographic research.

Net Worth

Johnnie Shand Kydd has a net worth of $19 million. This includes his professional income streams, inheritance, and land assets.

Why Is He Popular?

Johnnie is popular because of his half-sister, Diana. She was the Princess of Wales and was people’s favorite for her kind and witty nature. She was married to the Prince of the United Kingdom.

However, Johnnie is famous as a photographer with numerous achievements in the field of photography.

Popular Sister

Johnnie’s half-sister Diana was married to the Prince of the United Kingdom. She was only 19 years old when she chose Prince Charles as her husband on July 29th, 1981.

She became a public figure and the Princess Of Wales. She often appeared in numerous media outlets, paparazzi pictures, and television interviews.

However, her marriage with Charles was full of ups and downs. The couple legally separated from each other in 1996.


Johnnie’s sister, Diana’s death became a huge controversy in the mid 1997, just a year after her divorce. Many suspected that it was the act of some assassination.

However, it was later clear that Diana’s car crash was an unfortunate accident. Diana left the world on August 31st, 1997.

Lesser-Known Facts

  • Johnnie is the elder step-brother of the late Princess Diana.
  • Johnnie wanted to be a photographer since he was a child.
  • Many believe that Diana’s death was filled with conspiracy.
  • Diana died in a car crash on August 31st, 1997.
  • She was trying to get away from the paparazzi and the car ended up crashing in a tunnel.
  • Johnie owns a portfolio in the National Portrait Gallery and acquired 42 prints.


Johnnie Shand Kydd is a British photographer but he was also the elder brother of the former Princess of Wales, Diana. Johnnie achieved honors for his achievements in photography while holding a portfolio at the National Portrait Gallery and acquiring 42 prints.